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Originally a defense lawyer representing doctors and hospitals sued for malpractice, Matthew Purcell felt called to work as a personal injury lawyer. He called John Macfarlane and Ashton J. Hyde of Younker Hyde Macfarlane, and they were pleased to offer him a place at our law firm. Mr. Purcell's unique background gives him special insight into how defense lawyers and insurance companies navigate personal injury cases.

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WEBVTT 00:00:05.671 --> 00:00:12.186 The reason I have made the practice of law my career, 00:00:12.671 --> 00:00:15.214 and specifically health care malpractice, 00:00:16.186 --> 00:00:18.757 is one, because I find it fascinating 00:00:18.900 --> 00:00:23.399 to learn the medicine and what care and treatment can be done 00:00:23.400 --> 00:00:27.014 to help people when they are experiencing health problems. 00:00:27.100 --> 00:00:30.400 I have not always been a plaintiff's lawyer. 00:00:31.386 --> 00:00:36.560 I began my career as a defense lawyer 00:00:37.243 --> 00:00:39.857 working at a local defense firm here in town. 00:00:40.043 --> 00:00:45.843 So I spent the first eight or so years of my career defending hospitals, 00:00:45.986 --> 00:00:50.857 doctors, nurses, when they would be sued for malpractice. 00:00:51.029 --> 00:00:56.529 I found it to be not only dissatisfying, but sometimes even troubling. 00:00:56.829 --> 00:01:01.514 It can really work a toll on you, and it did for me. 00:01:01.829 --> 00:01:06.629 There were a few cases in particular that troubled me so much. 00:01:06.871 --> 00:01:13.157 It just became a mental burden and an emotional burden 00:01:13.900 --> 00:01:16.329 that I could no longer carry anymore. 00:01:16.757 --> 00:01:19.099 I reached out to my friends here, 00:01:19.100 --> 00:01:22.840 John and Ashton, and asked them if they'd be 00:01:23.286 --> 00:01:27.600 open to considering having a defense lawyer come join the dark side. 00:01:27.757 --> 00:01:31.014 Thankfully, they were open to it, and they offered me a position. 00:01:31.043 --> 00:01:34.171 The reality of working on the defense side 00:01:34.514 --> 00:01:38.486 is that you are usually working with an insurance company. 00:01:38.743 --> 00:01:40.713 They're the ones who are making decisions 00:01:40.714 --> 00:01:44.843 about whether a case should settle or go to trial. 00:01:45.157 --> 00:01:46.271 Knowing that 00:01:47.200 --> 00:01:52.671 and now being on the plaintiff side, I know the types of information 00:01:53.143 --> 00:01:54.742 that these insurance companies 00:01:54.743 --> 00:01:58.014 and their representatives or insurance adjusters 00:01:59.186 --> 00:02:06.000 want and need in order to get the case in a position to settle. 00:02:06.400 --> 00:02:10.042 Ultimately, when we take on a case, it's about getting compensation 00:02:10.043 --> 00:02:13.114 for the client, and most of our cases end in settlement. 00:02:13.614 --> 00:02:18.057 So it gives me an advantage when it comes to dealing with the insurance company. 00:02:18.386 --> 00:02:20.657 I find purpose. 00:02:20.929 --> 00:02:27.240 I find, frankly, joy in coming to work each day knowing that 00:02:27.757 --> 00:02:34.040 I get to be one of the few who gets to represent those injured people 00:02:34.714 --> 00:02:38.985 and help them get their life back on track 00:02:38.986 --> 00:02:42.200 following a terrible medical incident that they've experienced. 00:02:42.686 --> 00:02:45.543 While we can't guarantee results. 00:02:46.514 --> 00:02:51.599 I can commit that I'm going to be tenacious in my representation 00:02:51.600 --> 00:02:53.229 of you and your interests, 00:02:53.700 --> 00:02:55.357 and that I will do my best 00:02:55.986 --> 00:02:59.290 to pursue justice on behalf of you and your family, 00:02:59.291 --> 00:03:02.270 with the end goal of getting you compensation 00:03:02.271 --> 00:03:06.314 that is fair for the loss that you've suffered.

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