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Types of Defective ProductsWhen we purchase various products, it's important that they be safe and do not cause harm from regular use. This is a base level expectation, though it ought to be met since it's so simple a requirement. When a product does harm to a consumer, it's important that the consumer speak with skilled personal injury lawyers about all of their legal options. This is what is known as a product liability lawsuit.

About Product Liability Lawsuits

A product liability lawsuit is a legal claim filed against a product manufacturer, designer, and/or distributor when a product has caused harm to a person. In some cases, the product may have caused fatal injury to occur. The product liability lawsuit will seek damages to cover medical bills, funerary costs, and other losses sustained as a result of the injury caused by the product.

There are many kinds of products that can be covered as part of a product liability lawsuit. Let's take a moment right now to look at some examples of defective products and what these might mean to clients seeking litigation.

Defective Products - Common Household Appliances / Electronics

Appliances and electronics should function normally and not cause any injuries, but you'd be surprised by just how many products may electrocute users, start fires, or lead to other serious injuries even with normal usage. The makers of such common household products need to be held accountable for such negligence.

Defective Products - Motor Vehicles and Auto Parts

Our cars should function properly and normally, allowing us to travel with ease and without fear of any serious injury. Yet some automobiles are improperly designed, and some auto parts may malfunction, such as safety restraints, air bags, and brakes. When manufacturers make defective vehicles or vehicle components, they need to be held accountable for their actions.

Defective Products - Medical Equipment

Whether it's defibrillators and CPR kits for businesses or artificial joints and pacemakers, it's important that medical instruments and equipment functions properly. When these devices do not work as they should, it can lead to major injuries and even death. This is where having product liability attorneys on your side is so crucial.

Defective Products - Dangerous Children's Toys

When children are at play, they shouldn't have to worry about injury. Choking hazards, toxic materials, and poor workmanship can all pose major risks of injury to children, which is why our legal team should be contacted if your child has been harmed by a toy.

Defective Products - Harmful Pharmaceuticals

Like medical devices, we expect pharmaceuticals to help us rather than harm us. Yet time and time again, we hear stories about drugs that lead to serious harm for patients who are just looking to get well.

Defective Products - Injurious Food Products

It may be food contamination, improper handling during transit, or even a simple case of food poisoning at the restaurant, but food items can also cause major illnesses and injuries that a consumer should not be held accountable for. The onus needs to be on the makers, the markets, or the venues serving the food.

Learn More About Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you would like more information about product liability lawsuits and how our legal team can help you achieve just compensation, be sure to contact our Salt Lake City, Utah personal injury attorneys today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible legal outcomes.

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