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Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

The effects of a spinal cord injury are devastating and have a severe, lasting impact on your life.

Our team at Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC helps victims in Salt Lake City and all parts of Utah seek fair compensation for their accidents.

Find out how our spinal cord injury attorneys can help you or a loved one get the justice you deserve.

Dedicated Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers How We Can Help You and Your Family

Our spinal cord injury attorneys, Ashton J. Hyde and John Macfarlane, work diligently on behalf of our clients. We aim to earn the highest possible settlement for our client and we never accept anything less than the maximum recovery. If you or a loved one seek justice for a spinal cord injury that was caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another party, you are probably stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. Our caring team is committed to helping clients just like you seek the compensation they deserve so that they and their families can earn peace of mind knowing justice has been served.

Why Choose Our Law Firm?


Our attorneys take on more personal injury and medical malpractice cases than any other law firm in Utah, so we see ourselves as the most qualified team to take on your spinal cord injury case.


When it comes to building your case, you need specialists that understand exactly what evidence to look for. We have a full team of nurses, paralegals, and medical experts to help identify liability and determine fault in your spinal cord injury case, resulting in maximum compensation.


Our Salt Lake City, UT, injury law office has a reputation for taking on challenging cases that other law firms stay away from. Nearly three-quarters of our cases are referrals from other personal injury attorneys. We are widely respected across Utah for getting results and taking on cases that may seem too difficult.


We're results-driven and we know when it's in your best interests to settle or go to court. Spinal cord injury cases take time, but we're here for the long haul and will do whatever it takes to get you or your loved one justice. We offer free consultations to make sure we can help, and if we can, it doesn't matter how complex your case may be.

Spinal Cord Injury Cases 

We represent more of these types of cases than any other firm in our state.

Respected Relationships

We have established excellent relationships with insurance agencies and hospitals.

Impressive Results

We have secured settlements as high as $750,000 without filing a single document.

Undiagnosed Spinal Cord Injuries Can Cause Significant Issues

A spinal cord injury is a serious affliction that requires immediate attention from the best medical professionals. The attorneys at Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC help clients receive compensation and begin their proper medical treatment.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

An incomplete spinal cord injury means that there is still some connection and ability to relay messages to the brain. Because a part of the spinal cord is damaged, movement or sensation may be possible depending on the injury.

Complete Spinal Cord Injury

A complete spinal cord injury can result in paralysis (paraplegia or quadriplegia), incontinence, and full loss of control over bodily functions. The consequences of a complete spinal cord injury are often permanent and can affect all areas of your life.

Tireless Representation for Your Family Contact Our Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Today

If you have suffered a spinal injury as a result of negligence by another person, medical provider, or employer, you may require expensive medical treatment and constant care. We can help you explore your options so you can make an informed decision. Our spinal cord injury lawyers take the time to learn your story and are committed to utilizing all of our combined resources and expertise to get you a favorable outcome. We don't cut corners and we will explore several strategies to identify the most effective avenue to approach your case.

To schedule a free consultation or learn more, call our practice serving clients in Salt Lake City and all corners of Utah, at:

(801) 335-6467

Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC team
Our team is ready to take on your case, no matter how complex.

You Don't Pay Unless We Win

In addition to free consultations, we offer all personal injury services on a contingency fee basis. This means that you do not pay us until and unless we are able to settle your case. 

While other personal injury lawyers might take three to five years to close a case, our attorneys work hard to settle many cases before litigation, so you can receive the compensation and closure you deserve on a timely basis. 

"They Won My Case for Me and Have Brought Me So Much Peace" 5-Star Reviews From Salt Lake City, UT, Patients


Ingrid Pimentel


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We were referred to Yonker|Hide|Macfarlane because of medical malpractice that ended up taking the life of our child. Although there is nothing that can bring our son back, we found great emotional support and even hope at such a fragile time while working with them. We met with Mckay Corbett at first and he attentively listened for hours then John Macfarlane took over the case. He is a compassionate lawyer, who genuinely wanted to help bring justice and peace to us. He has good communication skills, with the ability to listen and respect our desires while still giving us the needed advice. He's also full of good judgment and managed to, with his many skills and perseverance, get us a fair and good settlement that gave us the sense of closure we were looking for, besides the fact that we felt at peace by knowing someone else (John Macfarlane and other members of their staff) also agree about the wrong that was done to our son and our family. I hereby recommend Yonker|Hide|Macfarlane without reservations.

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Paige Morgan


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I can't praise Younker Hyde Macfarlane enough. Their entire firm goes above and beyond for their clients. Norm, Ashton, and John work together and each have their own talents to make the best team. Norm has the wisdom and experience, Ashton has the confidence, and John is the conservative/ devil's advocate that pulls them all together. Honestly they are 3 of the most brilliant men I've had the pleasure of working with. I can't thank the paralegals enough as well. Melissa, Brittney, and BreAnne specifically stick out in my mind. They worked so hard to bring all of the information together and keep me updated. My case took years to complete and every time I spoke with them I felt like they knew my story and exactly what happened and what was going on. They asked about my family and my life. I wasn't just another case to them, I was a person. I will recommend Younker Hyde Macfarlane to anyone and everyone that will listen. They have changed my life for the better and I owe them so much. They won my case for me and have brought me so much peace. Thank you guys. There aren't words to explain my gratitude. - Paige

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Act On Time Utah's Statute of Limitations

Each state has a statute of limitations that requires the victim to report an incident within a certain amount of time after it occurs. In the state of Utah, the statute of limitations for spinal cord-related injuries is:

How Injuries Affect You

back injury
An injury to your spinal cord can cause pain, weakness, and paralysis, making you unable to work and do the things you love.

Spinal Cord Injuries and Medical Malpractice

Spinal cord injuries can occur due to car accidents, injuries in contact sports, and during surgical procedures. They can also result from a missed medical diagnosis. If an injury to the spinal cord is not quickly recognized, diagnosed, and treated, the patient can suffer debilitating and permanent damage. In many of our spinal cord cases, our attorneys represent patients who went to the doctor complaining of numbness or tingling in their extremities and had their symptoms incorrectly attributed to a less severe injury.

Suppose a computer tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the spine is not ordered in a timely manner. In that case, issues such as bleeding, fractured vertebrae, or ruptured discs can be missed entirely. After patients return home, they may go days or weeks without proper treatment, often exacerbating the injury and increasing the risk of paralysis.

General Process of a SCI Lawsuit

Each client's SCI case will follow a different step-by-step process, but generally, here's the direction our team will take with your case:

Our Salt Lake City Law Firm aims for you to receive a fair settlement without ever going to court.
Our Salt Lake City Law Firm aims for you to receive a fair settlement without ever going to court.

Join Us for a Free Consultation

The first step to receiving fair compensation for your injuries is to join our team for a free consultation. Here, our attorneys will discuss the potential grounds of your case. 

We Will Gather Evidence

After your consultation, our team will begin to gather the necessary evidence needed to get you fair compensation. At this stage, your lawyer may also communicate with other parties who are responsible for your spinal cord injury.

Communication With Insurance Representatives

Once enough evidence and research have been gathered, our attorneys will communicate with any insurance companies involved in your case. 

Settlement Agreement or Trial

We aim for you to receive a fair settlement without ever going to court. However, if a fair settlement cannot be reached, we will bring your spinal cord case to court.

Do You Have a Spinal Injury Case? Request a Free Consultation

Whether you have a spinal injury case caused by medical malpractice or a car accident, the attorneys at Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC can help you receive the compensation you deserve. You will pay no fees unless we win your case. Call our Salt Lake City, UT, practice to request a free consultation: (801) 335-6467.

Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC, has helped numerous victims of spinal cord injury recover damages that help eliminate their financial burdens and bring about some semblance of comfort to their lives.

Compensation for Immediate and Long-Term Goals

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation for both financial and non-financial losses. Because damage to the spinal cord can be permanent, your compensation should cover you for a lifetime. Though every case is unique, victims of spinal cord injury can typically recover damages for the following:

Medical Care

Victims of spinal cord injuries face an insurmountable amount of medical expenses that are often lifelong. Our spinal cord injury attorneys work with medical experts to accurately predict what these costs will be so that we can recover enough damages to provide for a lifetime of medical care.

Lost Wages

Spinal cord injury victims are often unable to work. We seek compensation for lost wages, loss of future wages, and inhibited earning capacity if the victim is still able to work but can only work partial hours or take a job that pays less to accommodate their spinal injury.

Emotional Effects

Suffering a spinal cord injury causes permanent emotional scars. On top of dealing with medical expenses and being unable to work and make a living, victims are left with the reality that their lives may never be the same. We believe that victims should be compensated for a compromised quality of life.

You Aren't Alone

Approximately 18,000 new traumatic spinal cord injury cases occur each year in the United States.

Determining Fault and Liability

A spinal injury can result from any trauma to the spine that causes lateral bending, dislocation, compression, hyperextension, or axial loading. In some cases, the accident's cause makes it easy to attribute fault—in the case of a violent act, for example. However, other cases such as slip-and-fall accidents make it more difficult to determine fault. In a slip-and-fall accident, it must be shown that the premises contributed directly to your injury and could have or should have been prevented. This makes establishing fault more challenging.

To successfully recover damages, our team must first establish liability. In order to determine fault, our Utah injury lawyers work with experts in the fields of medicine, forensics, and accident reconstruction to analyze the contributing factors, determine the cause, and present your case convincingly.

"I Highly Recommend This Firm" More 5-Star Reviews From Salt Lake City, UT, Patients


Kevin Boren


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Very helpful and excellent staff and lawyers. Helped us receive peace of mind and helped settle our case with our young son that passed away. Without them we wouldn't have some of the closure that we now have. John was excellent and always answered our questions and was available when we needed him.

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Tony Wojcik


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Mr Macfarlane contacted us today about our pending medical malpractice lawsuit. His pleasant and easy manner in discussing the case was a nice surprise. He explained our case in easy layman terms. I highly recommend this firm for any legal matters that anyone has in the future.

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