Legal Options for People Who Have Lost Limbs In Auto Accidents By on August 08, 2014

An accident victim requires serious medical attentionWe at Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC know that auto accidents can have a major impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones. We have helped numerous accident victims and their families in the greater Salt Lake City area adjust to the new realities of life following a catastrophic collision. Our car accident attorneys help clients through the legal process because we know that the personal struggles endured at home can be just as difficult. This is particularly true when an accident victim loses a limb due to severe injuries from a crash.

Losing a Limb Is a Tragedy

When you are involved in a major auto accident, the loss of a limb is a possibility. Even though safety systems such as airbags and seat belts can save lives and reduce the extent of certain injuries, they may not be able to protect you fully from the grievous bodily harm of a major accident.

Surgeons can work tirelessly to save your limbs, and if they can, you may still be impaired. In many cases amputating a severely injured limb may be the best action since it may be beyond saving. Better to replace a limb with a functioning prosthetic rather than retain a limb that may be severely damaged.

Changes In Your Professional Life

Whether one loses a full limb or even part of an arm or a leg, there will be obvious impacts on that person's professional life. Basic tasks that we take for granted, such as typing or the use of certain tools, is suddenly much more difficult. For those who have lost a leg or part of a leg, certain tasks at the job may be unsafe or more difficult to perform as well.

Modifications have to be made to the person's on-the-job duties to account for the change. In the worst case scenario, an accident victim may have to pursue another line of work as a result of the loss of a limb or limbs.

Changes In Your Day-to-Day Life

Obviously there are major changes to consider in a person's daily life as well. The same issues are bound to arise when it comes to day-to-day tasks, whether those be eating or basic hygiene. If the accident victim led an active lifestyle, the loss of a limb can mean significant changes in how he or she continues to pursue those interests.

The Adjustments to the Loss of a Limb Can Be Very Difficult

Advances in prosthetics have allowed amputees to continue doing what they enjoy despite the loss of limbs, though the process can be taxing. It is a major adjustment to make, and getting around and properly using prosthetics in addition to any necessary physical therapy can take time as well as money.

Our legal team is here to help, and we will seek compensation to cover the cost of your medical bills and other hardships that you have had to endure. Yes, the adjustment can be a difficult one to make, but we will be here for you.

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