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Edema and Medical MalpracticeAll medical professionals are expected to exhibit a certain level of professionalism and meet high standards of care. Since a patient's life is on the line, this is just common sense. When doctors and medical professionals of any kind fail to live up to a basic standard of care, our Salt Lake City medical malpractice attorneys step in to ensure that the legal rights of patients and their loved ones are represented. Right now, we'd like to look at the issue of edema and what it means to medical professionals and their patients.

What is edema?

Edema is a medical term for swelling. This swelling can occur in different parts of the body and for different reasons. Swelling can be a normal part of the healing process and a common reaction the body has to various conditions. The edema may also be caused by doctor error or be the sign of a health condition that needs to be addressed right away. Our Utah medical malpractice lawyers can fight on your behalf in the latter cases.

Dangers of Edema

Many minor edemas (such as the inflammation that occurs after a mosquito bite) do not require medical treatment. More serious edema, such as those that are the result of food allergies, need to be addressed quickly since the swelling can affect air passageways. Treating edema means addressing thee underlying causes of the swelling, and failure to do so effectively can be the grounds for Salt Lake City medical negligence settlements.

Edema and Medications/Allergic Reactions

When administering or prescribing medications, it's important that doctors note all potential allergic reactions that a patient may have. Failure to do so may mean a bad allergic reaction to the medication, resulting in edema and more serious medical problems.

Edema and Misdiagnosis

Swelling is a side effect of other health conditions. For instance, a tumor in the lymph nodes may cause swelling in that area of the body. A number of heart problems can actually cause swelling to occur in the legs and ankles. It's important that doctors be thorough when conducting examinations of patients, noting all potential symptoms seriously. Medical mistakes and doctor errors during the diagnosis phase could mean the difference between life and death.

Get Medical Malpractice Lawyers on Your Side

The entire legal team at our firm is dedicated to clients and their loved ones, ensuring that they get just compensation following poor or negligent medical care. No medical condition should be taken lightly, and all medical professionals need to be held to high standards given the nature of their profession.

If you should lose a loved one due to a health condition related to swelling, we will work diligently to obtain compensation on your behalf that will cover the pain and suffering experienced from your loss. We will be on your side to provide peace of mind.

Learn About Your Legal Rights in Medical Malpractice Cases

For more information about your legal rights and legal options following a case of negligence by a medical professional, be sure to contact our Salt Lake City medical negligence lawyers today. The entire legal team here looks forward to meeting you in person and discussing all of your options to receive a just settlement. We want to make sure that you are compensated and achieve peace of mind in the process.

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