Radiology Mistakes and Misdiagnosis from X-rays By on March 02, 2013

Radiology Films/Improper InterpretationsWe count on medical professionals to be at their best at all times, ensuring that patients receive the care they need sooner rather than later. This is especially important during tests and diagnosis. One missed problem can mean the difference between getting the necessary care and experiencing a major health problem. This is especially true when it comes to mistakes with x-rays. Our Ogden medical malpractice attorneys would like to take a moment right now to look into these kinds of errors and why they are so serious.

About Radiology and Diagnosis

X-rays and scans of various kinds allow doctors to identify current health problems or detect potential risks that may affect a patient's health somewhere down the line. They are an essential tool to good medical treatment. Yet there are times when mistakes can be made while taking, reading, or interpreting the results of an x-ray, which is where our Salt Lake City medical negligence lawyers can be of service to you and your loved ones.

On Radiology Mistakes

There are different kinds of radiography mistakes. As we alluded to above, sometimes poor x-rays can be taken by the x-ray technician. Certain parts of the x-ray may not be clear, or the patient was positioned in such a way that the x-ray appears obscured.

In addition, sometimes a radiologist or a medical professional will miss a problem that they should have caught, such as bone fractures and irregular growths. Conversely, medical professionals who misread x-rays have also been known to identify a health problem that doesn't actually exist.

Why Radiology Mistakes Can Be So Serious

If a medical health issue is missed in an x-ray, it will go undiagnosed and untreated, meaning major health issues for a patient down the road. All cases of misdiagnosis need to be taken seriously, especially in cases of cancer detection, or cases in which a small fracture can result in a broken bone.

If an x-ray misinterpretation leads medical professionals to initiate treatment that is not needed, that's just as bad. Patients may be prescribed medicines that they do not need or, worse, undergo a surgery that is completely unwarranted.

Whether it's delayed diagnosis or incorrect treatment, seeking Ogden medical negligence settlements for poor medical care is common in both cases.

What Our Lawyers Can Do for Victims

When seeking damages, our legal team will be sure to hold the various parties responsible for their poor care and lack of professionalism. Should a misdiagnosis or delayed treatment cause major health problems to arise, our legal team will make sure that the patient's suffering and the hardship of the patient's loved ones are taken into account when seeking damages.

Other Medical Mistakes to Keep in Mind

There are many kinds of medical mistakes/errors that can result in major hardships for patients, including bad prescriptions, birth injuries, negligence in the OR, and mistakes in the ER. With that in mind, we encourage you and the people you know to speak with our team so that we can make sure justice is served.

Learn More About Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

For more information about x-ray and radiology mistakes as well as other kinds of medical professional errors, be sure to contact our Salt Lake City, UT medical malpractice lawyers today. Our legal team is here to help victims of medical negligence and their families get the help that they need when it's needed most.

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