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Utah Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice AttorneysWhen a family loses one of its beloved members in an accident, the sadness is compounded by the fact that the death perhaps could have been avoided if not for the circumstances surrounding that accident. When the accident resulted from the negligent or deliberately wrongful actions of a medical professional entrusted with the care of a loved one, however, a sense of profound injustice usually accompanies the range of emotions that losing a family member brings up.

If you have lost a member of your family in an accident caused by the negligence of a physician, surgeon, nurse, anesthesiologist, pharmacist, or other healthcare professional, you may be able to obtain compensation for your resulting losses and expenses - both current and future - by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. When they place their faith in the law firm of Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC and our medical malpractice attorneys, Utah families are rewarded with compassionate counsel and aggressive representation of their claims. Our Utah wrongful death attorneys take every measure to ensure that negligent healthcare professionals are held accountable for the suffering they cause.

If you have lost a member of your family to medical malpractice, we encourage you to contact our Utah law firm for an evaluation of your case today.

When Those That Should “Do No Harm” Do the Worst Harm of All

As patients, we turn to doctors to restore and preserve our health. While there are certain illnesses and injuries that even the best doctors may not be able to heal, we as patients have every right to expect that healthcare professionals will provide care of a reasonable standard that will not result in the preventable worsening of our conditions.

Doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and other healthcare providers are not held to a standard of perfection. They are expected, however, to act as their competent counterparts would act in the same circumstances. For example, some forms of cancer do not present symptoms that would be recognized by most physicians in their earliest stages. However, there comes a point when that cancer would present symptoms that a competent physician would recognize, leading at least to the proper diagnostic tests being performed. If a physician were to fail to diagnose, or to misdiagnose, the condition at this point due to carelessness, inadequate training, or any other reason, he or she could be held liable for the consequences suffered by the patient.

Wrongful death claims can be filed against the appropriate medical professionals when patients die due to:

  • The failure to diagnose a potentially fatal disease in a timely or correct manner
  • The misdiagnosis of a potentially fatal disease as a different condition
  • Surgical mistakes
  • The failure to respond properly to emergencies that arise while in a hospital’s care
  • Pharmaceutical errors
  • Failure to consider dangerous interactions with other medications when prescribing medicine
  • Inadequate training of hospital staff
  • Slip-and-fall and other accidents that occur due to unsafe conditions at a hospital or failure to properly supervise a patient

In addition to being the law firm of choice for families in need of a superior cerebral palsy lawyer, Utah families can also depend on Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC for representation in cases arising from the wrongful death of infants due to medical malpractice. Contact Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC for a case review.

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