Medical Malpractice and Medication Dosage Errors By on February 07, 2014

Medical Malpractice and Medication Dosage ErrorsMedical mistakes of all kinds need to be taken very seriously, no matter what they entail. A mistake by a medical professional can literally be a matter of life or death for those involved, which is why it's so crucial to have medical malpractice attorneys on your side. By partnering with skilled attorneys, you will be able to have your side represented in court and seek compensation from the parties responsible for the medical error.

Right now we want to examine some of the basics with regard to dosage errors and medication. This kind of medical error can happen in different ways, so it helps to understand the issue and what it entails.

Why Dosage Matters

In order for medications to be most effective, the right amount needs to be taken by the patient. This means proper medication strength and proper frequency of dosage. If a patients takes too much of a medication or too little, the medication will not be at optimal effectiveness. The same goes for instances in which the patient takes a medication that is not strong enough or too strong.

Harm and Adverse Health Effects from Incorrect Dosage

As with any medication errors, the negative health effects from incorrect dosage are many. Patients may experience more severe side effects than they should. There is a greater potential for serious internal damage, injury to the organs, or other kinds of internal injuries as well depending on the nature of the medication.

When it comes to taking a low dosage of a medication, this essentially means the patient will need to endure greater hardship and difficulty, unable to heal as fast as they should.

How do these dosage mistakes occur?

Errors in dosage can happen in a number of different ways. For one, a doctor may prescribe the wrong amount during the patient's visit. Another common issue involves the pharmacist making a mistake when filling the prescription. Labeling errors or mix-ups at the pharmacy have also occurred as well, which can lead to serious issues for multiple parties.

Ultimately, it is up to the medical professionals to ensure that they avoid these kinds of serious mistakes. When an action of any kind leads to patient harm, it is unacceptable.

Holding the Responsible Party or Parties Accountable

Our attorneys are all advocates for the rights of patients and their loved ones. We have two goals, ultimately: to serve the victims of medical mistakes, and to ensure that medical professionals of all kinds live up to a basic standard of care. The only way that positive change can come about in our medical system is through our diligent checks on the practices of medical professionals.

When you meet with our legal team, we will go over all of your legal options. Through our expert counsel, clients will be able receive just compensation and focus on recovery and restoration of wellness.

Learn More About Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

If you would like to learn more about your legal rights following an act of negligence by a medical professional, be sure to contact our Salt Lake City medical malpractice attorneys today. The entire team here looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you receive just compensation for any injuries or losses sustained.

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