Construction Accidents and Falls from Ladders By on February 11, 2014

Construction Accidents and Ladder FallsConstruction sites and industrial workplaces pose a number of hazards. This goes for people who work on the site as well as innocent bystanders who happen to pass by the work site. If you are injured due to a mishap of some sort at a construction site, our personal injury attorneys can help you. We have years of experience addressing injury accidents as well as workplace injuries.

Right now, we want to focus on different kinds of accidents at construction and work sites that may be related to ladders. These kinds of accidents, like any sort of incident at an workplace with heavy equipment and high falls, cannot be taken lightly.

Falls from Ladders

One of the most common kinds of accidents with regard to ladders is a fall from a ladder. Sometimes these falls are from relatively low heights, such as those involving a rather standard ladder. Other times, the falls from ladders can be considerable, involving major drops to the ground, potentially striking co-workers or bystanders below.

Poorly Secured Ladders

One issue that many people don't consider with ladder accidents is ladders that are poorly secured. For instance, a ladder may be leaned against a wall for stability, but if the legs aren't firmly planted to the ground, this can cause the ladder to slip and those on the ladder to fall off. When possible/reasonable, a second person should help steady the ladder to ensure safety.

Broken Ladders Or Ladders In Poor Conditions

Ladders that have broken rungs or are structurally unsound (e.g., old ladders that have not been replaced) also increase the chances of a fall or similar accident occurring. It's important that only safe equipment is used at a work site so as not to put employees and passersby at risk. Our construction accident lawyers believe that this kind of disregard for employees and others is intolerable.

How serious can ladder falls be?

This depends on the height from which a person is falling and the circumstances of the incident. Lacerations and serious contusions are not uncommon in these kinds of injuries. We also note that a number of people suffer concussions and broken bones. If a person falls awkwardly, there is the chance of neck injury or back injury, which can cause paralysis and other serious problems.

The same kinds of serious concerns exist for bystanders who may be struck by people falling off ladders. The amount of force generated from such an impact can be tremendous and extremely harmful.

What Our Legal Team Can Do for You

Our attorneys will examine the exact cause of the ladder fall at the construction site. We will carefully determine if the management team of the construction site exhibited negligence in some fashion based on the incident. If so, we will fight for you whether you are an employee who fell or a bystander who was affected by someone falling from a ladder. Rest assured that our team will fight on your behalf.

Learn More About Construction Accident Litigation

If you or someone that you care about has been injured in a construction accident, be sure to contact our personal injury attorneys serving Ogden today. The entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you receive just compensation for any injuries experienced or hardships you've endured.

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