Types of Defects That May Be Related to Product Liability Cases By on March 26, 2014

Types of Defects That May Be Related to Product Liability CasesAccidents can happen anywhere and for a variety of reasons. One particularly unfortunate kind of accident that may occur involves issues with products that should otherwise be safe. In such cases, the companies responsible for those products or the distributors of those products need to be held accountable for their negligence. Personal injury attorneys are crucial for collecting damages following a serious injury, especially when that injury was caused by a company or business that should have their consumer's wellness in mind.

Right now, we want to focus on product liability lawsuits, going over the basics of these cases and the different manners in which they may occur.

About Product Liability Lawsuits

Let's define these terms right now. A product liability lawsuit brought against a product designer, product manufacturer, or product distributor if said product is used as directed and yet causes an injury to occur. This covers all kinds of items, from foods and pharmaceuticals to automobiles and electronics. Below are some examples of why injuries/accidents may happen.

Problems with Overall Design of a Product

Sometimes a product is poorly designed, and this itself leads to serious injury or contributes to serious injuries. For example, a car may have poor crumple zones or a flawed body design of some kind, which can make certain kinds of collisions especially dangerous or deadly.

Issues with Labeling and Instructions

It's important that products be labeled properly and have instructions for safe use. While common sense with labeling comes into play, poor labels or improper labeling of products can lead to serious injuries to consumers who are unaware of how the product is intended to be used.

Manufacturing Errors / Poor Workmanship

Sometimes a product is safe in general but the issue has everything to do with how it was manufactured. It's important that the plants and factories that create the products adhere to rigorous quality standards to prevent injuries.

Lack of Safety Testing

A company may be so eager to put their goods on the market that they do not provide sufficient trial or testing period to determine if it is safe for consumers. One example of this is new pharmaceuticals, which could pose major risks to patients if risks and side effects are discovered outside of the testing period.

Poor Food Preparation

If you go to a restaurant or any place that provides food, it's a basic expectation that the food will not be harmful to you at all. If you suffer from food poisoning or illness because of poor food preparation or spoiled food, you may have a legal claim worth pursuing.

How Our Legal Team Can Help Clients

Product liability lawyers hold companies responsible for their negligence and irresponsibility, fighting for consumers each step of the way in the process. We will make sure that the negligent company will be responsible for any damages or medical bills you have had to face, and we will work to ensure that reforms are made so that these sorts of issues do not happen again in the future.

Learn More About Product Liability Lawsuits

If you or a loved one has been injured by a product of some kind, be sure to contact our Salt Lake City personal injury attorneys today. Our legal team will work closely with you to ensure that you receive just compensation for any injuries and losses that you have experienced.

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