T-bone Auto Accidents Need to Be Taken Seriously Because They Have Serious Consequences By on May 30, 2014

T-bone Auto Accidents - Broadside Motor Vehicle Collisions and Serious InjuryAll kinds of auto accidents can result in serious bodily harm and major injury to all parties. That's why these kinds of incidents need to be taken very seriously, no matter what kind of accident it is and no matter how many vehicles are involved. Our personal injury attorneys will fight on your behalf to ensure you receive just compensation for any injuries sustained or losses experienced.

Our legal team would like to take a moment to consider T-bone auto accidents, a particular kind of auto accident that can be especially serious given the position of the vehicles.

About T-bone Auto Accidents

Also known as broadside collisions and right-angle collisions, T-bone auto accidents are an especially dangerous kind of collision that occurs when one car strikes another vehicle perpendicularly. This means the front end of one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle.

These kinds of auto accidents are very serious given the side impact sustained to the more vulnerable vehicle, which absorbs so much of the force from the other vehicle. This can result in major harm to the driver or passenger who is on the impacted side of the vulnerable vehicle.

Common Causes of T-bone Auto Accidents

The most common causes of T-bone auto accidents are failure to yield the right of way and failure to observe traffic signs or lights in an intersection. These kinds of accidents can be especially dangerous in four-way intersections, where an inattentive or reckless driver may speed through the intersection without regard for fellow motorists.

Injuries That May Result from T-bone Auto Accidents

The injuries that may be sustained during T-bone auto accidents can be very serious, especially for those who are on the side of the vehicle that this struck. The sheer amount of the force involved can lead to broken bones, lacerations, serious head and neck trauma, spinal cord damage, and internal injuries. Even if there is a side-impact airbag in place, it may have limited effect in preventing serious harm, particularly if the vehicle is struck at a very high speed.

How Our Legal Team Can Help T-bone Accident Victims

When a motorist fails to observe the rules of the road or drives with a general disregard for the safety of others, he or she needs to be held accountable. Our auto accident attorneys will fight diligently for clients, ensuring they receive just compensation for injuries and other losses. We will make sure that you have the information that you need to feel confident with your case.

Helping Loved Ones In Fatal Auto Accident Cases

We noted above that the injuries that may be sustained in a T-bone accident are very serious, and in some cases the injuries prove fatal. In fatal auto accidents, we will help the loved ones of the deceased accident victim seek compensation for funerary costs as well as the serious emotional trauma associated with the loss. The death of your loved one should not go unpunished. We will help hold the negligent party responsible.

Learn More About Auto Accident Litigation

For more information about your legal options following a serious auto accident of any kind, we encourage you to contact our Salt Lake City, Utah personal injury attorneys today. The entire team will help you in your time of need and make sure that you receive solid legal counsel and guidance through the litigation process.

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