Unsafe Handling on Motorcycles Can Cause Serious Accidents By on July 01, 2014

A motorcyclist is lucky to be unhurt after an accidentMotorcyclists are extremely vulnerable to injury, which is why the legal team at Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC takes these cases so seriously. Whether your accident occurs around the greater Salt Lake City area or another part of the state, we will be here to fight for you. Our motorcycle accident attorneys will take negligent parties to task, whether they be other motorists on the road or auto companies who disregarded safety for the sake of the bottom line.

A key issue in a number of motorcycle accidents is maneuverability and handling. Let's look into these matters right now.

Handling and Maneuverability Are Crucial for Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycles have a higher level of maneuverability when compared to cars, trucks, and other passenger vehicles. This is obviously due to their size, and in a number of instances, this maneuverability improves the safety of a vehicle. Well-designed motorcycles are able to avoid hazards on the road and quickly swerve around objects.

With this in mind, issues with handling can make the motorcyclist more prone to accidents, impairing maneuverability or making vehicles very difficult to control. This includes mechanical or design defects as well as poor road conditions and weather conditions.

Design and Manufacturing Defects Can Affect Vehicle Safety

Sometimes the design of a vehicle can present a number of safety hazards. With regard to maneuverability, a motorcycle may be bulkier than it ought to be, making it less maneuverable or more difficult to handle. Individual parts of the bike may affect the ability for a motorcyclist to steer effectively and safely as well, so it's important to keep such matters in mind.

Auto makers need to design vehicles that handle well in reasonable conditions and that do not place their consumers at risk. If there is a particular defect that makes a vehicle dangerous, a recall should be issued so that no one is put in danger due to the company's negligence.

Weather and Conditions On the Road Can Affect Handling

In addition to design defects, road conditions and weather conditions can both have a major impact on the handling of a vehicle. If there are bumps, potholes, grooves, gravel, or other objects on the road, a motorcyclist is more likely to loose control of the vehicle and be involved in an accident. Bad weather (particularly rain, ice, and snow) can make otherwise safe roadways dangerous. Motorcyclists need to keep this in mind when they are on the road and remain attentive at all times.

Safety Tips for Poor Road and Weather Conditions

While there is sometimes little that one can do to deal with design defects, there are certain actions that motorcyclists can take when it comes to dangerous road and weather conditions. We recommend the following:

  • Drive slowly and extra-cautiously in the rain
  • Avoid hazardous terrain when possible
  • Avoid riding when the weather is severe
  • Pay attention to warning signs and notices
  • Slow down safely and as much as possible if you are going to hit a bump ahead
  • Approach dips or bumps with the motorcycle completely straight
  • Rise up a little off your seat to avoid being thrown and to lessen the shock of the bump

Learn More About Motorcycle Accidents

If you or someone that you care about has been involved in a serious motorcycle accident that was caused by auto manufacturer negligence, it's of the utmost importance that you contact our personal injury attorneys today. Our team will fight diligently for you and help you receive just compensation for any injuries experienced and losses sustained.

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