Why Poor Weather Conditions Can Lead to Major Car Accidents By on July 22, 2014

A car with its airbags deployed after a collisionWhen clients come to Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC in Salt Lake City, they know that they can expect remarkable legal counsel that puts their needs and their concerns first. Our lawyers have years of experience that they put to good use with every client who comes to us. This is because we understand that injury victims need car accident attorneys who will not back down whether they are facing auto makers or individuals who acted negligently.

Yet sometimes motor vehicle accidents are not caused by people or parties, but by the elements.

Bad Weather Affects Traction and Control

Rain, snow, sleet, and ice on the road make for slippery conditions, causing vehicles to lose traction and drivers to lose control. Stopping times and stopping distances are also negatively affected, which means braking in time is very difficult. This sometimes happens through no fault of the driver or the auto maker but is simply as a consequence of the weather conditions and the road conditions.

Bad Weather Can Affect Basic Visibility

Aside from traction on the road, heavy rain and snow can lead to problems with visibility. If there's heavy fog or mist, it can be very difficult to see the road ahead of you. This means drivers may not be able to avoid hazards as they approach them. This is made all these worse if these conditions are present while driving at night.

Sometimes Road Design Contributes to Dangerous Driving Conditions

If there are dips or declinations in the road, these can pool water and snow, making the risk of hydroplaning more likely. Vehicles may also become stuck and stall in standing water if the level is especially high.

Multiple Vehicles May Be Put at Risk

Since bad weather makes it more difficult for motorists to maintain control of their vehicles and see far enough ahead, it not only puts them at risk but any adjacent vehicles as well. Poor weather can actually increase the chances of deadly multi-car collisions. In addition, if any pedestrians are nearby on a city street when the weather is bad, they may be injured as a result of a vehicle's loss of control.

Tips for Driving In Bad Weather

If you are driving and expect poor weather on the road, we recommend the following:

  • Consider delaying your drive until the bad weather has passed if possible
  • Check weather updates before leaving so you can anticipate what's to come
  • Drive slowly and cautiously at all times
  • Give other motorists extra space on the road
  • Be sure to use tire chains when driving in the snow
  • Make sure your wipers are new and work properly
  • Tune in to traffic reports on the radio in case of closed routes

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