Poor Lighting Makes Slip and Fall Accidents More Likely By on August 30, 2014

A patient has an injured wrist bandaged upThe team at Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC take all potential sources of injury seriously. We are committed to clients and their well-being, and many injury victims and their loved ones have come to our practice in Salt Lake City in order to hold negligent parties accountable. This is crucial when it comes to premises liability lawsuits. Our premises liability attorneys have taken negligent businesses and property owners to task, making sure that they are held responsible for acts of negligence.

When it comes to injuries at a property, many people believe issues with floors and steps are all people need to worry about. The fact of the matter is that lighting can make a major difference, and bad lighting can mean the difference between safety and a potential injury.

Lighting Does Make a Big Difference

Many people take lighting for granted when they think of slip and fall injuries, but it really does make a major difference. If you are unable to see hazards that are in the way or if a low-light situation makes certain elements in the area practically unnoticeable, the chances of a slip or fall or more likely.

This is especially true of any ledges, steps, or sudden rises or falls in the floor level, not to mention tripping hazards (e.g., extension cords, snags in carpet) or major cracks. Even liquids and small debris that could cause someone to lose footing can be obscured by poor light, obscured lighting, or low-light situations.

Poor Design and Layout of Can Contribute to Low Light Situations

Sometimes a property is poorly laid our or poorly designed, resulting in issues with lighting in certain area. For instance, if an awning or overhang of some kind blocks out a light fixture, it may cast unintended shadows on steps or walkways, making a potential trip or fall more likely.

In addition to light being obscured, a window or light fixture may also be positioned in such a way that it doesn't cast light in the right place, also leading to potential slips, trips, and falls.

Broken Lights and Bulbs Can Pose a Major Danger

Sometimes the issue isn't the layout of a property or the design but simply the lights themselves. When bulbs are burnt out or poor wiring leads to a malfunctioning light, this can also lead to a dangerous situation for people visiting a property.

Injuries Can Be Very Serious Depending on the Nature of the Accident

As noted above, injuries from a slip, trip, or fall can be quite serious when it comes to ledges and steps. If a person falls down a stairway or a stairwell, for instance, it's not unlikely that he or she will suffer from major bruises, lacerations, and possible fractured or broken bones. The same goes for falling off a ledge that is poorly lit and does not have any safety rails in place.

What Property Owners Should Do to Improve Lighting and Safety

It's important that property owners make sure that the lighting and light fixtures at a property are in proper working order and provide good lighting. The property owner or employees should note any lights that aren't working and replace bulbs when they are out to prevent potential hazards. If the light cannot be fixed immediately, alternative lighting should be used or the area ought to be closed off to prevent injury by a customer or visitor.

Failure to be attentive of a property's lighting may be a sign of negligence and grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

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