Preparing to Meet with Your Medical Malpractice Attorney By on December 02, 2014

Filling out a legal documentOur team of medical malpractice attorneys have helped clients throughout the state of Utah obtain just compensation for all kinds of negligent acts. We've take on diverse medical malpractice cases, including surgical mistakes, misdiagnoses, and birth injuries, and we've always fought diligently for the needs of our clients.

The initial consultation with an attorney is an important part of the legal process, We'd like to go over what this initial consultation involves in brief detail right now.

Why Initial Consultations Are Crucial

The first meeting you have with a medical malpractice attorney is a crucial interview phase. It allows you to meet with an attorney and determine if he or she is ideal for you, and it also allows an attorney to determine the viability of your legal claim. The duration of this first meeting can vary, and it's important that you be prepared to share information and discuss matters freely and openly.

Compile Details, Documentation, and Information

Some common things that you will want to have prepared and want bring to your lawyer during the first meeting include the following:

  • Provide a List of All Health Care Providers - Many victims of medical malpractice are likely to have visited many different doctors and medical specialists in the lead up to the misdiagnosis or improper care. It's important to have records from each specialist that's been visited.
  • Summarize the Events That Happened - A detailed summary of the events that occurred leading into the incident of negligence should be provided, including symptoms you've experienced, what treatment you underwent, what medical mistake was made in your treatment process, and the fallout of the mistake.
  • Compile All Correspondence and Documents - In addition to the medical records mentioned above, it's important to also compile relevant emails or letters, medical bills, photos of your condition, contact information from doctors and your insurance company, proof of lost earning following your incident, etc.
  • Bring Your Own Questions About the Case - Be sure to ask the lawyer any questions you may have about your case and their expertise/qualifications in medical malpractice law.

Other Steps That May Occur During the First Meeting

During this first meeting, the attorney may ask a few things of you to determine the nature of your negligence claim:

  • Authorizing the Release of Medical Information - This release will allow the lawyer to obtain and examine your medical records for himself or herself.
  • Providing Information About Your Insurance - The lawyer will also likely ask details about your insurance coverage as well.
  • Discussing Your Current Pain and Discomfort - If the lawyer notices that you are in pain or discomfort of any kind, he or she may advise that you undergo medical treatment for the problem(s) you are facing.
  • Learning About Interviews Made Prior to Legal Consultation - The lawyer may ask if anyone else interviewed you about your injuries or medical problems experienced as a result of this act of negligence

After the Initial Meeting: What Comes Next?

After the initial meeting, you can determine if the attorney seems ideal for your case. Similarly, the attorney can accept or decline to take your case, or the attorney may refer you to another medical malpractice attorney who may be able to help.

Should the attorney accept your case, follow his or her counsel carefully and be sure to continue to communicate openly as your case proceeds.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Medical Malpractice Attorneys

To learn more about medical malpractice lawsuits and what you can do to prepare for the litigation process ahead, we encourage you to contact our team of medical malpractice attorneys today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you receive just compensation for injuries sustained and hardships endured.

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