Utah Auto Accident Statistics: Motor Vehicle Collision Numbers By on December 02, 2014

Viewing a car from a cracked windshieldHere at Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC, we have helped serve clients from throughout the state at our Salt Lake City office. We serve so many clients statewide because of our experience with personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits that involve auto accidents. Many happen throughout Utah each year.

With this in mind, we'd like to look at statistics from the Utah Department of Public Safety concerning auto accidents that occurred in 2013.

Total Numbers of Auto Collisions in 2013

In 2013, there were a total of 55,637 auto accidents in the state of Utah, with 134,964 total people involved in these motor vehicle crashes. Of these auto accidents, 39,301 resulted in property damage only, 16,134 resulted in injuries to drivers or passengers. There were a total of 202 fatalities that occurred due to auto accidents last year.

Auto Accidents Caused by Speeding

Speeding was one of the most common causes of auto accidents in the state, accounting for 11,231 collisions; that's approximately 20% of all crashes in 2013. Of this number, excessive speed led to 7,925 accidents that caused property damage only, 3,225 injury accidents, and 81 fatalities.

Always follow the posted speed limit and traffic laws wherever you are. They will keep you out of harm's way and prevent you from harming others.

Drunk Driving Auto Accidents

While drunk driving only accounted for 1,736 total accidents in 2013 (roughly 3%), it is still a serious matter that needs to be noted. Of this number, 953 crashes led to property damage only, 760 resulted in injury, and 23 led to fatalities.

If you are going to drive, be sure to be smart and to be sober.

Auto Accidents Caused by Distracted Drivers

Distracted driving (such as texting and cell phone use) led to 5,013 total crashes in 2013, or roughly 9% of all accidents. Of this number, 3,052 collisions led to property damage only, 1,944 led to some kind of injury, and 17 accidents led to fatalities.

This is just another important reason to keep your attention on the road ahead and to keep your mobile device out of the way.

Motorcycle Accidents in 2013

Since motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to injury, it's important to note some of the accidents that involve people on motorcycles in 2013. There were 1,186 total motorcycle accidents, 951 of which led to an injury of some kind, 204 were non-injury collisions, and 31 were fatal.

Be sure to exercise extra caution while you are on the road.

Breaking Down the Numbers In Terms of Time

To put all of these numbers in perspective, let's break it down in terms of time in 2013:

  • Every 9 minutes, an auto accident occurred in Utah
  • Every 23 minutes, a person in Utah was injured in an auto accident
  • Every 46 minutes, an auto accident related to speeding occurred in Utah
  • Every 104 minutes, an auto accident related to a distracted driver occurred in Utah
  • Every 2.5 hours, a large truck was involved in an auto accident in Utah
  • Every 5 hours, a drunk driver got into an accident in Utah
  • Every 7 hours, a motorcycle accident occurred in Utah
  • Every 39.5 hours, a person in Utah died from a motor vehicle collision

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