Highway Auto Accidents: High-Speed Dangers By on March 17, 2015

A bumper-to-bumper traffic on a congested highwayThe lawyers of Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC are committed to injury victims and their loved ones throughout the state of Utah. Following serious auto accidents that result in severe or fatal injuries, our lawyers will fight diligently for the rights of our clients to help them receive just compensation and ensure that justice is served.

Many serious auto accidents happen on our nation's highways. Because of this, we want to look at some of the dangers that highway driving poses to people on the road.

Highways Present Multiple Dangers to Motorists

Highways are an essential part of commuting, and yet they pose a number of dangers to motorists. Even people who are driving responsibly may be harmed in an auto accident because of a number of factors.

High Speeds Means Deadlier Impacts

The speed limit on highways is greater than the speed limit on city streets. That's obvious, and yet it's a major concern worth considering. With greater speed, there is a greater likelihood of serious injuries and major collisions occurring. The force generated by these impacts at greater speed make serious injuries more likely.

Greater Chance for Multi-Vehicle Collisions

Many highways are quite congested, with other vehicles traveling at close quarters. Because of this, there is an increased risk of multi-vehicle collisions occurring while on highways. With more vehicles involved in collisions, the number and severity of injuries often increases.

Issues with Driver Distraction Become Far Worse on Highways

Texting and smartphone use while driving is a serious problem that leads to many avoidable accidents each year. On highways, distraction from mobile device use can be far worse simply given the amount of distance covered while traveling at a higher rate of speed.

Poor Weather Can Be Much Deadlier at Higher Speeds

When rain, snow, or fog are present on highways, the chance of skidding, hydroplaning, and problems with visibility can make an already dangerous situation even more dangerous. It's important that motorists drive with extra caution on highways when they are dealing with inclement weather.

Isolated and Remote Highways Present Major Dangers

On narrow highways or remote highways, dangers continue to increase for motorists. Sometimes these more remote highways are not as well maintained as well-trod roads, meaning that potholes and other serious road issues may be present. Since these roads are often a long way from major population centers, it can also take emergency crews additional time to arrive, which can literally mean the difference between life and death.

How You Can Keep Safe While Driving on the Highway

In order to remain as safe as possible while you are on the highway, we recommend the following:

  • Always follow the posted speed limit
  • Abide by all rules of the road
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles
  • Make sure your vehicle is properly maintenanced
  • Drive with greater caution during poor weather
  • Turn on headlights to be visible in poor weather
  • Do NOT use your smartphone while behind wheel
  • If you need to talk on the phone, use a hands-free set

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