Urban Roads Can Caused Serious Auto Accidents to Occur By on May 17, 2015

Driving on a city street at nightWhen victims of serious injuries and accidents meet with the team at Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC, they know that they will receive expert legal advice. Our attorneys have helped clients throughout Utah receive just compensation following major harm of different kinds. This type of legal representation is especially important after major auto accidents that result in serious injuries.

These kinds of auto accidents can happen on roads of various kinds. We'd like to focus on the dangers of urban roads right now.

Urban Roads Pose Multiple Dangers to Motorists and Others

Driving on urban roads poses a major danger to motorists simply given the nature of these kinds of thoroughfares. The potential for accidents while on urban roads is quite high, which is why it's important that motorists be cautious while they are driving on major roads in cities. Even at speeds that are slower than highways, major impacts and injuries may occur.

Multiple Vehicles and Congestion Mean Potential Collisions

With more vehicles on the road, it is more likely for an accident of some kind to occur. In fact, far more serious collisions (i.e., multi-vehicle collision) may result because of the number of vehicles on the road.

Stop-and-Go Traffic Means Potential Accidents

Don't let the stop-and-go nature of urban streets fool you. Even with frequent stops, accidents can occur as drivers are merging lanes, changing lanes, or simply driving along. The flow of traffic may make people frustrated or hurried, causing them to make poor decisions while behind the wheel.

Intersections Can Be More Dangerous Than You Think

Intersections at four-way stops can pose a number of hazards. Motorists may try to speed up through the intersection, trying to beat red lights or sometimes even running red lights. In addition, making left turns at busy intersections can cause a number of accidents to occur. Even a guarded left turn isn't automatically safe.

Distracted Drivers on Urban Roads Can Cause Major Accidents

Texting while driving and other use of cellphones can lead to distraction and increase the chances of a serious auto accidents occurring. Use of a cellphone while driving increases the chances of rear end collisions and other kinds of serious accidents.

The Problem of Poor Road Conditions or Current Road Work

Since urban roads are traveled on a lot, it's not uncommon for there to be issues with road conditions that affect the safety of a drive. This includes problems with potholes and cracks in the street, as well as issues with signage and traffic signals.

Roadwork is common on very busy city streets, and the congestion and tight squeezes common when roadwork is being done can actually make accidents of various kinds more likely.

One-Way Streets and Dead Ends

On many urban roads, there are one-ways and dead ends that can be confusing and potentially hazardous to people unfamiliar the roads they're traveling on. This means hazards for drivers who know their way around the city as well as tourists and visitors who make unfortunate mistakes.

Bicyclists and Pedestrians Can Be Victims or Causes of Collisions

Bicyclists and pedestrians are in danger of serious injury while traveling by urban roads. The potential of being struck by a vehicle is high on busy streets, and the kinds of injuries that can be sustained could be potentially life threatening.

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