Construction Accidents Can Cause Serious Back Injuries By on July 14, 2015

A construction worker holding a safety helmetInjury victims and their loved ones in and around Salt Lake City can count on the attorneys of Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC to fight for their during their time of legal need. The strong counsel that our firm provides is especially crucial for serious construction accidents that result in disability or severe injury. Many of the most serious injuries at industrial jobs involve spinal cord and back conditions. Let's consider these matters in more detail right now.

Serious Back Injuries After a Construction Accident

Construction accidents can cause major injuries simply given the nature of the worksites and the kinds of incidents that may occur. Sometimes these back injuries will incapacitate an injury victim for weeks or even months, requiring time off work to fully recover. Other times, these kinds of injuries will have lifelong repercussions, requiring major changes to your life and livelihood.

Having a skilled lawyer on your side following a major back injury will allow you to receive compensation for your injury, covering medical bills, physical rehabilitation, lost wages and earning potential, and damages to address many other matters related to changes in your livelihood and quality of life.

Ruptured Discs

A common kind of back injury that can occur, especially in the lower back, is a ruptured disc. Also known as a herniated disc and a slipped disc, this injury occurs when the spongy cushion between the vertebrae is compressed and pushed out from its regular position. This leads to severe back pain and difficulty with lifting, turning, and regular flexibility.

Pinched Nerves

A pinched nerve in the back means that a nerve has been caught between vertebrae or pressure is put on the nerve as a result of bone spurs or a slipped disc. These kinds of back injuries result in pain in the back, problems with mobility, and even weakness in the extremities.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

If a construction worker has to make a number of repetitive motions as part of his or her job duties, this can lead to major back health issues over time. Repetitive stress injuries such as these can take a major toll on the back, limiting the range of motion and also resulting in major back strength and mobility issues later in life. These repetitive motions can also increase the likelihood of ruptured discs and other back problems later in life.


Paraplegia is a severe kind of back injury affecting the lower to mid-spine. In these cases, an injury victim's spine is so severely harmed that he or she is unable to feel or control the lower extremities. These kinds of severe spinal injuries last a lifetime, rendering the victim wheelchair bound and requiring major changes in career trajectory and overall life quality.


Quadriplegia is a severe back injury that occurs in the upper back or neck area. In these kinds of spinal cord injuries, the injury victim is unable to feel or control all of the extremities. Because of this, the injury victim will require a lifetime of medical assistance and medical attention, and any career prospects and job potential will be severely altered.

Speak with an Attorney About Your Back Injury

To learn more about your legal options following a serious construction accident, be sure to contact a skilled personal injury attorney today. The lawyers at our law firm will help you and your loved ones during your time of legal need.

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