Complications from Knee Replacement Surgery May Be Grounds for a Lawsuit By on November 30, 2015

An injured kneeThe legal team at Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC is home to some of the leading medical malpractice lawyers in the greater Salt Lake City area. Our attorneys fight diligently for clients in all cases of doctor mistakes, surgical errors, and other forms of negligence from medical professionals.

It's with this in mind that we want to consider medical malpractice lawsuits over knee replacement surgery and what clients should note about these sorts of cases.

About Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is performed in order to address serious problems with pain and flexibility in the knee that are the result of injury or advanced age. During a knee replacement surgery, the damaged part of the joint is replaced with an artificial joint, which restores mobility and the ability for the patient to accomplish many tasks that they used to.

While knee replacement surgery is effective for many patients, there is the chance of surgical errors occurring during the procedure and in its aftermath.

Surgical Errors During Knee Replacement Surgery

Some examples of surgical errors that might occur during the knee replacement surgery procedure include the following:

  • Anesthetic Errors – Errors with anesthetic during surgery can result in allergic reactions or patients becoming conscious while the procedure is in progress.

  • Damage to Various Tissues Around the Joint – Surgeons who are not careful may inadvertently damage the healthy parts of the knee joint, including muscles, nerves, bone, and blood vessels.

  • General Surgeon Errors – Surgeons may accidentally cut tissues they should remain intact, leave instruments in the surgical site, or even use the incorrect sutures at the end of the procedure, which can have dire effects on patient health.

Potential Problems and Complications After Knee Replacement Surgery

Following surgery, patients may experience a number of complications related to surgical errors and negligence. These include:

  • Infection – Infection is a serious risk following any sort of surgery. Poor sterilization or bad post-op instructions can increase the risk of infection following surgery.

  • Allergic Reaction to the Artificial Joint – The artificial joint is typically made of biocompatible metal, but if a surgeon does not check for a patient's metal allergies prior to the procedure, this can have major consequences.

  • Blood Clots – Blood clots in the leg can interrupt regular circulation and cause serious health concerns.

  • Excessive Bleeding – Excessive bleeding from the surgical site can be a major health concern, one that's best to address as soon as possible.

  • Poor Joint Movement and Results – Sometimes the surgery seems to have been successful, but patients notice major limitations in the artificial joint's flexibility and overall quality in terms of movement.

  • Rejection of the Artificial Knee Joint – If the surgery is unsuccessful, it's possible that you body will reject the implanted knee joint.

Proving Negligence Following a Surgical Error

Proving negligence is key for a successful medical malpractice lawsuit. Working with a skilled attorney will provide you with your best shot and demonstrating a health issue from the knee replacement was the result of a doctor or surgeon's negligent actions.

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