Boat Accidents and the Failure to Maintain Proper Lookout for Swimmers By on April 28, 2016

A gavel atop a law book, behind the scales of justiceJust as drivers have to share the roadways with pedestrians, boat operators have to share the waterways with swimmers. All too often, boat operators fail to maintain proper lookout for signs of human activity in the water, which they must legally do. Worse yet, many boat operators engage in reckless operation of their vessels, entering into clearly marked “No Boats” areas reserved for swimmers. Tragically, when swimmers are involved in boat accidents, they most definitely do not have the advantage. Many do not survive.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a boat accident while swimming, or if you have lost a member of your family in such an accident, you have rights. The boat accident injury attorneys of Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC, can help to ensure that those rights are protected. We can file a personal injury claim on your behalf against the boat operator responsible for the accident through his or her failure to maintain proper lookout. When it comes to handling claims involving boats, accidents, and the failure to maintain lookout for swimmers, our Salt Lake City, UT attorneys know precisely what it takes to present the strongest, most compelling case possible.

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Accident Reconstruction and Evidence Collection Are Essential

Boat accident cases involving swimmers may seem relatively straightforward on the surface. If a boat strikes a swimmer, then the operator of the boat must surely not have been maintaining a proper look-out, right? Unfortunately, boat accident cases are never so simple. Indeed, they can be among the most complex in personal injury law. In many boat accident cases, witnesses are either scarce or they tend to become difficult to reach as time passes. There is often little to nothing in the way of unimpeachable evidence, such as surveillance video. As a victim, you want to entrust your case as quickly as possible to attorneys who are experienced and skilled in accident reconstruction and the comprehensive collection of evidence and witness statements.

The attorneys of Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC are among the most diligent law teams in the country. They have built many a case that other law firms might have considered impossible to win on meticulous investigation and expert accident reconstruction. They work with the most trusted experts in forensics and other sciences whenever necessary to provide precise, fact-based evidence to support their victims’ claims.

Most cases are settled in favor of our clients before they ever reach a courtroom. However, our attorneys are always willing to pursue a case to verdict whenever they feel it is in the best interest of our boat accident victims. They are willing and ready to stand up to the biggest, most powerful boat insurance companies in the nation.

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To arrange for an evaluation of your boat accident case, please contact our personal injury law firm today.

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