Serious Brain Injuries Can Occur in Construction Accidents By on May 10, 2016

An x-ray of the brainThe lawyers of Younker Hyde Macfarlane have helped countless clients in and around Salt Lake City in their search for justice. Their legal expertise is especially important for construction accidents that result in serious injuries. Whether a worker or a bystander was involved, our focus is holding negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Construction accidents can be quite serious, causing major injuries. Some of the most serious injuries that may occur are brain injuries, which we would like to consider in more detail right now.

Types of Serious Head and Brain Injuries

There are different kinds of head and brain injuries that may occur. The most important to consider with regard to construction sites are as follows:

  • Open Head Injuries – Open head injuries refer to the types of injuries in which the skull is penetrated during an incident. Serious trauma to the brain can occur in these kinds of head accidents.

  • Closed Head Injuries – Closed head injuries do not involve the penetration of the skull, but can be quite serious if the brain strikes the skull or is harmed in some fashion as part of trauma.

  • Concussions – A concussion occurs when the brain strikes the side of the skull, resulting in harm to the brain tissue. These kinds of brain injuries can be sustained from strong or sudden blows to the body or head.

  • Brain Contusions – A brain contusion refers to the bruising of the brain, resulting in bleeding to the brain tissue. Some brain contusions are so serious that the affected part of the brain needs to be surgically removed.

Defining Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

You may have heard the term "traumatic brain injury" before yet are unsure what it means. Also referred to as a TBI, a traumatic brain injury is any kind of major injury to the brain that results in damage to the living brain tissue.

How Brain Injuries May Occur at Construction Sites

There are many dangers at construction sites, which is why hard hats and other safety equipment is imperative. Someone may experience a serious brain injury as a result of falling objects, major falls from ledges, vehicles injuries while on site, or from other serious hazards at the worksite.

Sometimes injuries this serious cannot even be prevented by wearing a hard hat.

The Lasting Effects of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can have innumerable lasting effects. For one, these kinds of injuries can lead to issues with mood, memory, and emotions, lasting the rest of a person's life. Apart from these unfortunate cognitive and psychological problems, brain injuries can also result in physical problems, such as issues with motor skills and problems with finer hand movements.

How an Attorney Can Help You

Given the impact that construction accidents can have on people's lives, it's of the utmost importance that you speak with our attorneys about your case. We will help you receive just compensation for the injuries you have sustained and any losses or hardships that you have to ensure.

Contact the Lawyers of Younker Hyde Macfarlane

For more information about your legal options following a serious brain injury, it's important that you contact our team of accident and injury attorneys today. The legal team at Younker Hyde Macfarlane will fight diligently for you and your legal needs.

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