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A patient in a hospital bedMedical malpractice can take many forms. We typically associated the term with hospital errors such a surgical mistakes and medical administrative problems. Yet medical malpractice can encompass other aspects of running a health facility, which includes ensuring the overall safety of patients, loved ones, and staff. That is why the Salt Lake City, UT medical malpractice attorneys of Younker Hyde Macfarlane consider various aspects of dangers posed to people whose lives are in the hands of doctors and surgeons.

With that in mind, our legal team would like to consider the hazards of inadequate security and poor security at a medical facility. It’s something we often take for granted, but it’s an important aspect to safety for everyone at a hospital or clinic’s grounds.

Why Security Matters at Medical Facilities

There is a lot of foot traffic at hospitals, with patients, relatives, loved ones, and employees coming in and out of the property. With so many people at the premises, there is a chance that altercations or situations may arise that require trained security personnel to intervene.

When there are no security personnel or inadequate security staffing at a hospital or busy clinic, that can put people at risk. The people who run medical facilities must keep this in mind.

Dealing with Unwanted Visitors or Guests

Some people who enter a hospital may be dangerous or unwanted. A patient in the hospital may not want an attacker or a harmful person to visit, for example. Someone may want to injure a doctor or nurse on staff as well.

These unwanted visitors and guests pose a hazard to everyone in the medical facility. With adequate security personnel, these unwanted individuals can be barred from entrance and stopped if they are found on the premises.

Why Cameras and Surveillance Matters

In addition to having security guards, surveillance cameras are helpful for catching altercations, dangerous incidents, and the presence of unwanted individuals. These cameras can catch acts of theft and assaults carried out by anyone at the premises. This can be helpful for protecting patients and staff from harmful or abusive behaviors on hospital or clinic grounds.

Proper Practices Regarding Hospital Security

Generally speaking, hospitals should have some security guards at the premises. They should have regularly rounds that allow them to stroll the grounds of the hospital for potential dangers. People entering a hospital should check-in with employees at desks, especially in areas where normal foot traffic is not usually permitted.

Security cameras should be in place to help prevent crimes from taking place or to be used as evidence when seeking suspects or proving that a criminal incident has occurred.

Who Should Be Held Accountable for Poor Security

When a lack of security leads to hazards for patients, hospital administrators should be questioned for their lack of judgement regarding these matters. It’s important that negligent parties who run health care facilities be taken to task when they do not consider the well-being of patients and employees at these heath centers.

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