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A woman in a nursing homeWhen we’re in the care of medical professionals, we expect to be properly monitored and supervised the entire time. This is usually the case, but negligent monitoring and supervision can occur. When it does happen, injuries may happen and serious conditions may arise. Such incidents are preventable with proper supervision.

The Salt Lake City, UT, medical malpractice and negligence attorneys at Younker Hyde Macfarlane consider the dangers of poor supervision. We’ll focus on how this kind of medical negligence impacts the elderly, especially at nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Read on to learn more about improper nursing home supervision.

Why Proper Supervision Matters

When people are recovering from medical procedures or require assistance in order to get around and perform certain activities, it is crucial that professional supervision be present.

A nurse or orderly will be able to help prevent injury or harm and ensure the overall well being of the individual. Without supervision or assistance, there’s a risk of preventable injury occurring, and further dangers when these injuries are not dealt with as soon as possible.

Supervision in the Context of Nursing Homes

These issues are especially important to keep in mind when it comes to the elderly, especially if they reside in a nursing home. Supervision is expected on the premises in order for issues to be addressed as soon as possible and to prevent accidents or unintentional harm from occurring.

The Dangers of Falls Among the Elderly

Our Salt Lake City attorneys feel that certain activities should be supervised when the elderly are involved in order to prevent serious falls. This is common sense given that falls in advanced age can be severe.

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 3 million senior citizens visit the emergency room every year due to injuries sustained in a fall. At least 300,000 elderly people each year are hospitalized following a fall due to a hip fracture.

Activities Involving Elderly Patients That Require Supervision

In nursing homes and medical care facilities, an orderly or nurse should be present to supervise the following activities:

  • Walking Around the Facility: Many elderly individuals rely on the use of a walker or cane. Having some supervision while getting from point A to point B can prevent dangerous situations, such as falls down stairs or slips while on certain floor surfaces.
  • Eating and Drinking at Meal Times: Meal times are generally pretty calm at assisted-living facilities, though some residents require help while eating. Food may have to be prepared in a certain way, and sometimes orderlies must help feed elderly residents who suffer from severe issues with mobility. Supervision allows these residents to receive essential nourishment and avoid choking.
  • Bathing or Showering: For elderly residents with mobility issues, assistance while bathing or supervision while getting into and out of a bath or shower may be essential. Again, safety and well being are the focus in both these matters, particularly given the slippery surfaces involved.
  • Engaging in Physical Activities: Going out for a walk, attending an on-site dance or exercise class, or engaging in other kinds of activities at a nursing home are great ways for residents to stay active and social. Having supervision present will protect residents from harm, and allow residents to get prompt assistance should they experience an injury.

Speak with Our Medical Negligence Lawyers

If you live in Salt Lake City and need more information about holding hospital and nursing home staff accountable for their harmful actions, be sure to contact our skilled team of negligence attorneys. Younker Hyde Macfarlane can be reached by phone at (801) 335-7025.

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