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Surgical Errors Lawyer

Surgical errors can turn routine surgeries into tragic events with life-changing, permanent consequences. 

If a medical professional's negligence resulted in injury, disfigurement, or disability, our law firm can fight for financial justice.

After a surgical error, Younker Hyde Macfarlane in Utah can help ensure your legal rights are protected. 

Common Surgical Errors That Can Result in Medical Malpractice Cases

All surgeries carry risk, but through due diligence and experience, surgical errors should be prevented. When surgical errors do occur, it may indicate a medical malpractice claim against the involved parties.

Wrong Operation

Sometimes medical malpractice is committed when a surgical procedure is performed on the wrong part of the body. Common examples include surgical procedures on the wrong limb, kidney, hernia side, or organ. 


Another avoidable case of malpractice occurs when a surgeon pierces or clips eardrums, bowels, intestines, or organs. When a body part is cut that should have remained untouched, it may indicate medical malpractice. 

Egregious Oversight

Medical professionals can commit medical malpractice through carelessness. For example, they might leave a foreign object inside the body, send a patient home too early, make anesthesia errors, or fail to detect bleeding or infection.

Seeking Compensation for Damages Our Surgical Error Attorneys Fight for Your Financial Recovery

The emotional, physical, and financial costs of surgical errors can be overwhelming. For this reason, our Salt Lake City team of medical malpractice attorneys will work diligently to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible for you and your family.

In cases involving surgical errors, damages are usually awarded for:

Subsequent surgeries necessitated by the original error

Future related medical costs for aftercare, complications, and continuing treatment

Lifetime care costs, should the surgical error leave the victim dependent on others

Loss of past wages due to hospital stays, operations, and physical harm

Loss of future wages due to diminished earning capacity or an inability to work

Intangibles such as emotional and physical pain and suffering

It may also be possible to file for punitive damages, which are awarded to punish the liable parties for their recklessness.

Attorneys Who Can Help You Recover Financial Compensation and Your Quality of Life

Surgical errors can lead to severe health complications. Oftentimes, their harm to your life goes beyond physical injury. The ramifications of a surgical error can include financial loss, emotional trauma, and suffering for the entire family. If you are enduring a surgical error and its complications, know that it was not your fault and that the Younker Hyde Macfarlane team is here to help you.

Talk to Our Surgical Error Attorneys Today With a Free Consultation

Our attorneys handle surgical case errors in Salt Lake City and all throughout Utah. Our team has a background in both defending and prosecuting malpractice, which means we understand what kind of defense the opposition will make and how to zealously prove your case. 

Our team is willing and able to handle complex cases. In fact, nearly three-quarters of our clients are referred by other law firms, oftentimes because they believe we are Utah's best choice for especially complex cases. We show no fear in pursuing cases to their fullest extent, while also understanding when a settlement is the right choice. 

Help is at hand. Call or contact us today to schedule your free consultation with our Salt Lake City firm. 


Our attorneys can fight to attain the financial compensation you deserve after a surgical error, so you can focus on healing.

Utah Turns to Us For Medical Malpractice Claims


Tom Henderson


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This is the first time I have found it necessary to use a law firm, I was apprehensive because of all the stories I have heard about other law firms. When I took my wife’s wrongful death evidence, they were completely honest snd forthcoming, keeping me involved the complete time. It took 3 years, but they did an excellent job and basically did everything they said they would do. Their follow through and follow up has been the best. Thank you for your help through one of the toughest things I have ever gone through

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Younker-Hyde-McFarlane are the best there is! My wife needed a lower back spinal fusion that should have been relatively straightforward. She was seriously injured by a careless doctor incorrectly performing a non-traditional back surgery that she did not have the skill to perform. It left her with a paralyzed right leg and a drastic impact on the quality of our lives. We contacted Younker-Hyde-McFarlane to represent us in a medical malpractice suit. OMG, these guys are so impressive! They uncovered things about the surgery that we had no idea had happened. Their skills in arguing our case to an arbitration panel were extraordinary. We very highly recommend this fantastic team of legal experts!!

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How We Work to Prove Your Case

We take action in a variety of ways to prove medical malpractice occurred in your case. To prove your personal injury and other claims, our medical malpractice lawyers will:
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Draw on Past Cases

Our medical malpractice attorneys have successfully handled a great number of surgical error cases in the past. Each case we take receives personalized care and attention to detail. Your case may have similarities to our past victories, and we can utilize our experience to help you win. 

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Work With Experts

At Younker Hyde Macfarlane, our personal injury lawyers don't work alone. We often retain experts renowned throughout Utah, and can even consult with a national network of medical experts.

Many of our trusted expert witnesses teach at colleges and hospitals and have published textbooks and training manuals. With their expert help, we can definitively determine if a standard of care was breached. Their advanced knowledge of health care can provide the judge and jury with an objective appraisal of your case. 

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Conduct a Thorough Evaluation

In any medical malpractice case, a successful resolution is dependent on showing that the defendant failed to perform a duty owed and did not abide by a reasonable standard of care.

We conduct a thorough evaluation of all available facts in your case. By reviewing all aspects, we can determine who is at fault and why. This allows us to create an optimal legal strategy so you can receive the best possible results. 

Don't Let Time Run Out Surgical Error Cases Have Just Two Years to File

There are two key terms to understand for your surgical error case: liability and statute of limitations.


A medical professional has liability in a surgical error case if their actions make them responsible for medical malpractice. A doctor or nurse's negligence can interject an unnecessary and preventable element of danger into the surgical process that can end in disastrous results. If a doctor or nurse's actions directly resulted in injury, illness, disfigurement, or disability, they can be held legally liable through medical malpractice litigation. 

Statute of Limitations

Statute of limitations laws create deadlines for when a lawsuit must be filed by. In Utah, the statute for a medical malpractice case is two years from when an injury reasonably should have been discovered. There is also a maximum deadline of four years from the date of injury, even if the injury was not discovered until long after it was sustained.

To ensure our surgical error lawyers have time to file your medical malpractice case, we recommend you contact us as soon as possible so we can begin reviewing the details of your case.

Proud to Be Medical Malpractice Lawyers Utah Can Trust


Laura Gray


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I worked with John Macfarlane and his team in regards to my claim. My year old son was injured at daycare and there was an incident at the hospital where he received care as well. It was tough but once I contacted Younker Hyde Macfarlane, they all worked together to make this an easy process. What a relief! They were all great at responding back to my emails, phone calls, and answered any questions I had with complete transparency. They were all great!

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Greg Furness


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The firm was a pleasure to work with, very professional, responsive and really helped us through the process.  This was a first time experience for us and they really set us at easy through entire process and help us reach an agreeable settlement.  We would highly recommend Yonker Hyde Macfarlane. PLLC.

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Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC

Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC

At Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC, our attorneys have decades of combined experience in complex cases. We represent clients in all types of personal injury cases, with a special focus on medical malpractice claims. Our firm is associated with the following professional organizations:

  • Utah Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • Salt Lake County Bar Association
  • American Trial Lawyers Association

To schedule an appointment, please contact us online or call (801) 335-6467.

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