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Birth injury cases often result in tragic results for a baby and his or her mother. Norman Younker handles medical malpractice cases involving children injured at birth. Clients can file a claim for birth injury often up until the child is 20 years of age, because the statute of limitations does not begin until age 18 in most cases.

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We handle a lot of birth injury cases. They're always tragic, usually involve a serious injury to the baby, often involve a serious injury to the mother, as well. Thankfully in medical malpractice cases involving children the, statute of limitations does not begin to run until they are 18. You really have until the baby's 20th birthday to bring a claim. There are some exceptions to that: If you have had someone formally appointed as a guardian ad litem or formally appointed to represent that child, or if you have retained a lawyer and begun the process of evaluating or even pursuing a medical malpractice claim, the statute of limitations may be shorter. The first thing that we try to do once we recognize that there is a serious injury is to encourage parents to get that child into what is called early intervention. Most states have programs where they'll have a social worker or another healthcare worker examine that child fairly early on, so that they can begin providing supportive care to the baby and the family, sometimes within the first year of life.

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They were extremely knowledgeable, extremely helpful experts. The team helped me with all aspects of my case, including medical and financial, and understood that it affected more than me but also my family.

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