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Proving the cause of a brain injury is often tricky, which leaves the family members of many injured victims wondering where to turn for help. At Younker Hyde Macfarlane, we are well-equipped to be your advocate and help you collect the compensation your loved one requires. You only have a limited time to file—give yourself the best chance at a successful outcome by contacting our Salt Lake City attorneys today.

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WEBVTT 00:00:06.957 --> 00:00:10.686 Another issue that we run into regularly is brain injury. 00:00:11.343 --> 00:00:14.719 Brain injury can happen from a whole host of problems. 00:00:14.720 --> 00:00:20.614 Maybe it's a medication overdose, maybe it's a bad birthing process. 00:00:20.760 --> 00:00:25.519 It can be even raising someone's sodium too fast can actually cause brain damage. 00:00:25.520 --> 00:00:26.799 Regardless of the cause, 00:00:26.800 --> 00:00:32.043 that can be one of the challenges in a medical case is proving brain damage. 00:00:32.044 --> 00:00:33.786 It's not something that you can just look at. 00:00:34.043 --> 00:00:36.157 You can't just say, there's brain damage. 00:00:36.158 --> 00:00:39.520 A lot of times, there are hypoxic injuries 00:00:39.550 --> 00:00:42.957 that don't show up on radiological imaging like an MRI. 00:00:43.743 --> 00:00:45.729 We have a host of experts 00:00:45.730 --> 00:00:48.843 that we'll work with, like neurologists, neuroradiologists, 00:00:48.844 --> 00:00:51.214 that will do their best to interpret what they can 00:00:51.215 --> 00:00:52.680 from the radiological imaging. 00:00:52.857 --> 00:00:56.300 But then we'll also rely on neuropsych experts 00:00:56.301 --> 00:00:58.457 to do a battery of tests to say, 00:00:58.458 --> 00:01:01.714 "Okay, here's where your cognitive functioning is, 00:01:01.715 --> 00:01:05.079 and here's where it should be," to try to demonstrate those problems. 00:01:05.080 --> 00:01:07.043 If they have physical manifestations, 00:01:07.157 --> 00:01:12.086 like in a stroke where there's hemiparesis or slurred speech or whatever it is, 00:01:12.286 --> 00:01:17.581 we may also bring in vocational experts or physiatrist experts 00:01:17.582 --> 00:01:20.485 to try to talk about the physical impact 00:01:20.486 --> 00:01:22.800 and detriment that that will have on somebody's life. 00:01:23.114 --> 00:01:26.514 Brain injury cases, again, they can have a whole host of causes, 00:01:26.957 --> 00:01:30.000 but they in themselves proving the brain injury, 00:01:30.001 --> 00:01:32.800 quantifying the brain injury is a challenge in and of itself. 00:01:33.320 --> 00:01:36.314 If you find yourself involved in a case 00:01:36.315 --> 00:01:38.613 where you believe there is medical negligence, 00:01:38.614 --> 00:01:41.114 the first thing you need to do is contact an attorney. 00:01:41.771 --> 00:01:45.114 There are strict statute of limitations in the state of Utah 00:01:45.115 --> 00:01:49.157 that have teeth, and you need to get an attorney sooner than later. 00:01:49.643 --> 00:01:52.559 They're fairly short. They can be one or two years. 00:01:52.560 --> 00:01:54.189 Try to be an advocate for yourself. 00:01:54.190 --> 00:01:57.119 Talk to the doctors, try to get answers for what's going on. 00:01:57.120 --> 00:02:00.243 But if the damage is done, try to keep good records. 00:02:01.143 --> 00:02:02.319 Take notes. 00:02:02.320 --> 00:02:05.814 Once you've contacted an attorney, write notes to your attorney. 00:02:05.815 --> 00:02:07.200 Discuss them with your attorney. 00:02:07.200 --> 00:02:08.757 Make sure that your attorney is up to speed 00:02:08.758 --> 00:02:10.044 and knows what's going on 00:02:10.243 --> 00:02:13.400 so that you can make sure that you're getting the best representation possible.

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