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A child who suffers a birth injury may require a lifetime of intensive follow-up care to ensure a normal quality of life. If your child was injured during birth, you need a medical malpractice attorney on your side right away, and the team at Younker Hyde Macfarlane in Salt Lake City is ready to help you. We understand the complex and contentious aspects of this area of law, and we can ensure your best interests are protected so you receive the compensation you are owed.

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WEBVTT 00:00:07.043 --> 00:00:11.786 One of the areas that I've really specialized within medical malpractice 00:00:11.787 --> 00:00:13.057 is birth injuries. 00:00:13.657 --> 00:00:19.700 I don't think people realize quite how scary labor and delivery truly is. 00:00:20.271 --> 00:00:24.829 A lot can go wrong, and it can have a lifetime impact very, very fast. 00:00:24.830 --> 00:00:28.814 I've had several birth injury cases where I've had to learn how to read 00:00:29.414 --> 00:00:30.999 fetal monitoring strips. 00:00:31.000 --> 00:00:36.671 We've had to learn how to interpret labs and what Apgar scores mean 00:00:36.672 --> 00:00:38.957 and what resuscitation should look like. 00:00:39.371 --> 00:00:44.757 Then we've had to work on how do we demonstrate cognitive damages. 00:00:45.443 --> 00:00:49.729 If a baby is delayed in delivery, or a C-section is delayed, 00:00:49.730 --> 00:00:52.271 and there's a hypoxic brain injury, 00:00:52.421 --> 00:00:54.686 we need to be able to quantify that. 00:00:55.114 --> 00:00:59.257 We'll send them to experts for maybe a neuro-psych exam, 00:00:59.814 --> 00:01:03.760 or maybe some physiatrists for a PM&R-type exam. 00:01:03.960 --> 00:01:07.629 Having an attorney on your side for MedMal truly is essential. 00:01:08.386 --> 00:01:09.614 It's not one of those situations 00:01:09.615 --> 00:01:12.270 like a car accident where you can call the insurance, 00:01:12.271 --> 00:01:15.414 and maybe they'll be fair to you, and you'll get your car fixed. 00:01:15.600 --> 00:01:17.314 In medical malpractice, 00:01:17.315 --> 00:01:20.643 it will be defended and fought tooth and nail. 00:01:21.000 --> 00:01:22.543 If you don't have an attorney, 00:01:22.729 --> 00:01:24.943 you're probably not even going to get the time of day, 00:01:24.944 --> 00:01:27.570 let alone a fair response. 00:01:27.571 --> 00:01:29.971 Medical malpractice is complex. 00:01:29.986 --> 00:01:34.986 There are strict statute limitations, there are strict statutory requirements 00:01:35.160 --> 00:01:36.314 that if you don't meet, 00:01:36.315 --> 00:01:39.040 your case is gone regardless of the merits. 00:01:39.271 --> 00:01:40.371 It's just over. 00:01:40.372 --> 00:01:45.100 You need an attorney to make sure that you build the case right, 00:01:45.280 --> 00:01:48.840 you get the right experts, you take the right angle on the case, 00:01:48.841 --> 00:01:52.340 and you meet those deadlines and statutory requirements. 00:01:52.560 --> 00:01:54.943 If you don't have that, it's all for nothing.

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