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Just over eight years ago, Matt's wife tragically passed away after being prescribed medication by her doctor. In his search for answers and accountability, Matt found himself meeting with Ashton Hyde of Younker Hyde Macfarlane in Salt Lake City. Mr. Hyde and our team were successful in securing compensation for Matt. In this medication error lawyer testimonial, he says the process has brought clarity and relief for himself and his children.

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WEBVTT 00:00:07.057 --> 00:00:10.843 A little over eight years ago, my wife went to a doctor's appointment. 00:00:10.844 --> 00:00:13.943 She was prescribed some medication that she really shouldn't have been, 00:00:14.071 --> 00:00:19.000 ultimately, led to her passing away shortly after. 00:00:19.457 --> 00:00:20.900 After my wife passed away, 00:00:21.529 --> 00:00:25.313 my mother-in-law knew an attorney in Salt Lake. 00:00:25.314 --> 00:00:27.570 Things seemed really off about the whole situation, 00:00:27.571 --> 00:00:30.643 so she recommended that I go talk to this attorney 00:00:30.644 --> 00:00:33.343 who ultimately referred me to Younker Hyde McFarlane. 00:00:33.344 --> 00:00:35.571 Ashton seemed like he was a really good listener. 00:00:35.572 --> 00:00:38.371 Stayed very neutral every time I talked to him, 00:00:38.714 --> 00:00:40.171 gathering information. 00:00:41.671 --> 00:00:42.957 From my experience 00:00:43.129 --> 00:00:46.200 and really looking at it through a balanced lens, 00:00:46.557 --> 00:00:49.257 I was told upfront, this is going to be a long process. 00:00:49.400 --> 00:00:51.743 It's going to take a lot of work. Things move slow. 00:00:52.029 --> 00:00:55.686 Every time I reached out with a phone call, or text, or an email, 00:00:56.286 --> 00:00:59.843 they replied to me right away and just kept me in a loop. 00:00:59.943 --> 00:01:02.014 I wanted some more clarity on the whole process. 00:01:02.015 --> 00:01:04.686 I wanted some answers from my children, mostly. 00:01:05.071 --> 00:01:11.200 I felt a sense of relief that my two children are going to… 00:01:11.201 --> 00:01:12.586 They're missing their mom. 00:01:12.587 --> 00:01:14.843 It's the most important person, I think, in their whole life. 00:01:14.844 --> 00:01:16.843 I think giving them some more answers, 00:01:16.844 --> 00:01:22.442 having some clarity, and also some type of compensation, 00:01:22.443 --> 00:01:24.640 we were able to set up a couple of trusts for the kids, 00:01:24.641 --> 00:01:27.386 and that's going to help them hopefully navigate some challenging times 00:01:27.387 --> 00:01:30.428 that they're going to have, I'm sure, just in life in general. 00:01:30.429 --> 00:01:32.271 I think they did a great job. 00:01:32.487 --> 00:01:35.029 I felt more confident every time I would talk to Ashton, 00:01:35.030 --> 00:01:36.499 as he would dive into the details 00:01:36.500 --> 00:01:40.400 and explain his insight or perspective about the whole thing, 00:01:40.401 --> 00:01:43.257 and you feel like somebody's fighting for you.

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