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Younker Hyde Macfarlane stands out amongst Salt Lake City-area personal injury law firms due to our close working relationship with medical professionals. We are pleased to have Linda Swenson, RN on our team as a nurse consultant. Ms. Swenson discusses each case with our attorneys in-depth, reviewing the nature of injuries, assessing the standards of care, calculating the associated damages, and gathering expert witnesses to further bolster our clients' cases.

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WEBVTT 00:00:07.114 --> 00:00:09.400 I work as an independent contractor. 00:00:09.401 --> 00:00:11.500 I am a registered nurse 00:00:11.914 --> 00:00:16.265 that started on this legal nurse consulting journey 00:00:16.266 --> 00:00:18.319 about 20 some odd years ago. 00:00:18.320 --> 00:00:22.414 I work a lot with Younker Hyde Macfarlane, with John and Ashton. 00:00:22.415 --> 00:00:27.120 My role is to help determine whether or not the case has merit medically. 00:00:27.320 --> 00:00:28.600 The case will come to me. 00:00:28.800 --> 00:00:31.586 I'll review the medical in chronological order, 00:00:31.587 --> 00:00:36.443 and I'll have really good focus on what the concerns are for our clients. 00:00:37.671 --> 00:00:39.600 Then I'll discuss the case with John and Ashton, 00:00:39.601 --> 00:00:44.486 and we'll discuss it very in-depth as far as what the standard of care is, 00:00:44.487 --> 00:00:47.814 whether or not the damages are associated with that breach 00:00:47.815 --> 00:00:49.643 or not breach in the standard of care. 00:00:50.300 --> 00:00:54.786 Then from that point, if we decide to go forward with the case, 00:00:54.787 --> 00:00:58.757 my job will be to help them and assist in finding expert witnesses. 00:00:58.960 --> 00:01:01.457 As I've looked at I find that my role 00:01:01.458 --> 00:01:05.286 is actually still what I was trained to be, 00:01:05.287 --> 00:01:07.039 and that's the patient advocate. 00:01:07.040 --> 00:01:13.170 We're very good at screening, and we won't sue a doctor 00:01:13.171 --> 00:01:17.040 if we don't strongly believe that there is not a reason to. 00:01:17.521 --> 00:01:19.729 We find the best experts, and again, 00:01:19.730 --> 00:01:21.886 I appreciate working with John and Ashton on this 00:01:21.887 --> 00:01:26.400 because they're willing to do that for their clients. 00:01:26.757 --> 00:01:28.057 It takes a little bit longer. 00:01:28.200 --> 00:01:32.752 We have to wait because they're still practicing physicians or nurses 00:01:32.753 --> 00:01:34.729 or whatever expert we're going for. 00:01:34.960 --> 00:01:39.800 We have to fit into their time slot, but it's very worth it 00:01:39.801 --> 00:01:44.271 to get the right person to opine on the medical malpractice. 00:01:44.857 --> 00:01:49.986 I very much enjoy working with John and Ashton because of their empathy. 00:01:50.280 --> 00:01:55.500 There are times we are sitting there discussing cases, and both of us like, 00:01:55.720 --> 00:01:59.457 oh, my heavens, this is a case where we're questionable, 00:01:59.458 --> 00:02:03.914 but what this family has gone through, we want to get them answers.

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Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC

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