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Growing up, Ashton Hyde wanted to be a fighter pilot, but watching his father work as an attorney showed him what an intellectual rush a legal career could be. When Mr. Hyde started working with Norm Younker, he was struck by a lawyer's ability to make a real difference in the lives of injured victims. Mr. Hyde has been a passionate medical malpractice attorney at our Salt Lake City practice ever since.

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WEBVTT 00:00:07.214 --> 00:00:11.119 The path that brought me to being an attorney is somewhat nuanced. 00:00:11.120 --> 00:00:14.200 The reality is when I was a kid, it was the last thing I wanted to do. 00:00:14.320 --> 00:00:15.719 I wanted to be a fighter pilot. 00:00:15.900 --> 00:00:17.471 I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie. 00:00:17.472 --> 00:00:20.480 In the summer, you'll find me on a dirt bike in the sand dunes. 00:00:20.510 --> 00:00:23.599 In the winter, I'll be on a snowmobile up in the mountains. 00:00:23.600 --> 00:00:26.900 I also enjoy hiking, fishing, backpacking, 00:00:26.901 --> 00:00:30.386 anything that's really recreational, I'm a very active person, 00:00:30.387 --> 00:00:33.500 and lucky to live in a state that lets me do those activities. 00:00:33.840 --> 00:00:35.480 My father is an attorney, 00:00:35.500 --> 00:00:39.414 and I would see him go to work in a suit and sit at a desk all day, 00:00:39.415 --> 00:00:42.079 and to me, nothing sounded more boring than that. 00:00:42.080 --> 00:00:46.043 But I started working with him when I was in high school as his runner, actually, 00:00:46.252 --> 00:00:48.214 and I saw what he was actually doing. 00:00:48.529 --> 00:00:50.100 When he's sitting behind the desk, 00:00:50.101 --> 00:00:52.914 he's having intellectual adrenaline rushes, 00:00:52.915 --> 00:00:54.186 I guess you could say, 00:00:54.187 --> 00:00:56.800 where he would step into a complex situation 00:00:56.801 --> 00:01:00.200 and he would apply himself to get results for his clients. 00:01:01.386 --> 00:01:03.000 That was very attractive to me. 00:01:03.200 --> 00:01:06.743 I started working with Norm Younker, who was my mentor at Fabian, 00:01:06.744 --> 00:01:09.257 and he did predominantly medical malpractice. 00:01:09.771 --> 00:01:12.943 I saw the changes he was making. 00:01:12.944 --> 00:01:17.300 I was meeting these injured patients who had severe injuries, 00:01:17.301 --> 00:01:19.429 and if somebody didn't step up for them, 00:01:19.840 --> 00:01:22.671 there's no way they would get answers or recovery. 00:01:22.840 --> 00:01:26.045 Digging into that and being able to work for clients, 00:01:26.046 --> 00:01:28.680 get them those answers, and get them accountability, 00:01:28.710 --> 00:01:32.743 and hopefully, get compensation that would help improve their lives, 00:01:33.000 --> 00:01:35.443 that's where I found the satisfaction that I was looking for, 00:01:35.557 --> 00:01:37.001 that change that I was.

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