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A significant portion of the Salt Lake City area's population is native Spanish speakers—when they are injured or face difficulty with the U.S. healthcare system, many don't know where to turn. Associate attorney McKay Corbett and the entire team at Younker Hyde Macfarlane are here to help. We are a bilingual law firm advocating for the marginalized so they can have their voices heard and achieve justice.

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WEBVTT 00:00:06.614 --> 00:00:10.314 A lot of times, Hispanics come here to this country, 00:00:11.286 --> 00:00:15.439 and they hear lots of good stuff about the United States 00:00:15.440 --> 00:00:19.757 and our healthcare system, for example, and then something happens to them, 00:00:19.758 --> 00:00:21.371 and it damages them. 00:00:21.560 --> 00:00:24.843 And they're left, especially when they don't speak English, 00:00:25.200 --> 00:00:27.600 they don't really know where to go and what to do. 00:00:27.800 --> 00:00:32.281 It's really nice to be able to help those people when they call in 00:00:32.282 --> 00:00:34.686 and just to give them a little bit of information 00:00:34.687 --> 00:00:37.160 and tell them, "Hey, hopefully we can help you. 00:00:38.271 --> 00:00:40.300 There are a few things that we can maybe do for you 00:00:40.700 --> 00:00:42.743 to help you get out of this situation." 00:00:42.786 --> 00:00:45.473 I grew up here in Utah, but I grew up 00:00:45.474 --> 00:00:48.300 in what you could call a mixed-race family. 00:00:48.514 --> 00:00:51.770 My dad is from here, and then my mom is Hispanic, 00:00:51.771 --> 00:00:53.729 she's from El Salvador. 00:00:54.040 --> 00:00:55.986 What I like is we're the underdogs. 00:00:56.520 --> 00:00:58.843 It's us against the big guys. 00:00:59.600 --> 00:01:01.869 That can It's really daunting for people 00:01:01.870 --> 00:01:04.471 who want to go up against something like that. 00:01:04.472 --> 00:01:07.071 We help that community by talking with them 00:01:07.072 --> 00:01:09.900 and explaining to them what the system is like 00:01:10.057 --> 00:01:12.347 and how we can help them navigate that, 00:01:12.371 --> 00:01:17.843 especially if they've been injured and damaged or wronged in any way. 00:01:17.971 --> 00:01:22.086 It seems to be that a lot of times, not always, anyone can get injured, 00:01:22.114 --> 00:01:25.229 anyone can be damaged because of negligence, because of mistakes. 00:01:25.800 --> 00:01:31.057 But it seems to be a lot of times those people that are most marginalized 00:01:31.300 --> 00:01:35.186 that suffer the most of those consequences. 00:01:35.360 --> 00:01:37.957 The thing that I like the most is being able to help those people, 00:01:38.114 --> 00:01:40.400 and I do believe that we do that.

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