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The motorcycle and automobile accident attorneys at Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC don't advertise on flashy billboards—we let our unique skillset and track record of success do the talking. Our Salt Lake City lawyers are intimately familiar with the types of injuries crash victims suffer, and we have relationships with medical experts who can testify on your behalf. We will stop at nothing to help injured parties secure justice and compensation.

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WEBVTT 00:00:05.700 --> 00:00:08.853 Automobile accidents and motorcycle accidents 00:00:10.186 --> 00:00:16.200 or anything involving a vehicle are commonly advertised for services. 00:00:16.201 --> 00:00:17.914 They're the ones that you see on the billboards, 00:00:17.915 --> 00:00:19.557 they're the ones that you see on TV. 00:00:19.814 --> 00:00:21.486 We don't advertise that way, 00:00:22.760 --> 00:00:24.814 but we have a unique set of skills 00:00:24.815 --> 00:00:27.829 that I think gives an advantage to our clients, 00:00:27.830 --> 00:00:33.086 and that is that we litigate and go to trial on more cases 00:00:33.087 --> 00:00:37.829 than most of the people who do those types of areas of law. 00:00:38.786 --> 00:00:40.743 By being familiar with medicine, 00:00:40.744 --> 00:00:44.149 when you say, "Hey, I was in a motorcycle accident. 00:00:44.150 --> 00:00:48.971 I fractured my wrist, and I tore my rotator cuff," 00:00:49.900 --> 00:00:54.342 we immediately know what that is, what surgeries you're likely to have. 00:00:54.343 --> 00:00:57.485 We know the local physicians who do those types of treatment, 00:00:57.680 --> 00:01:00.313 and we already know experts who will testify 00:01:00.314 --> 00:01:02.099 about what your long-term consequences are, 00:01:02.100 --> 00:01:04.743 because all we work on is the field of medicine. 00:01:05.129 --> 00:01:06.514 That's been our focus. 00:01:06.920 --> 00:01:08.114 So at any given time, 00:01:08.115 --> 00:01:11.043 we have several motorcycle or automobile accident cases 00:01:11.044 --> 00:01:14.043 that we do in our firm that come from other clients 00:01:14.044 --> 00:01:18.943 or people who find us just via Google or otherwise. 00:01:19.443 --> 00:01:22.143 I think we offer a unique perspective 00:01:22.314 --> 00:01:25.057 in that if they're not being treated fairly, 00:01:25.486 --> 00:01:29.457 we're way less likely to encourage our clients to take something 00:01:29.458 --> 00:01:32.257 that's much lower in the form of settlement 00:01:32.258 --> 00:01:33.228 than what they deserve, 00:01:33.229 --> 00:01:36.729 because we don't mind filing a lawsuit, 00:01:36.730 --> 00:01:39.558 we don't mind going through the litigation process. 00:01:39.559 --> 00:01:40.839 We already are doing it all the time 00:01:40.840 --> 00:01:43.639 with cases that are much more complex and much more difficult, 00:01:43.943 --> 00:01:48.229 and so these ones, to be honest, are really not hard for us. 00:01:48.457 --> 00:01:53.014 We often find that we're able to get quicker resolutions for higher amounts 00:01:53.015 --> 00:01:55.200 because the insurance knows 00:01:55.201 --> 00:01:57.529 that this firm goes to litigation all the time. 00:01:57.843 --> 00:01:59.514 They're not afraid of a fight. 00:01:59.760 --> 00:02:01.086 So because of that, 00:02:01.257 --> 00:02:03.171 some of the scare tactics don't really work, 00:02:03.172 --> 00:02:04.857 and they don't try it on us. 00:02:05.357 --> 00:02:06.914 I think we're uniquely suited 00:02:07.171 --> 00:02:10.900 to handle those cases for that reason because of our background. 00:02:10.901 --> 00:02:13.943 As attorneys, we're really here to just tell you what your options are 00:02:13.944 --> 00:02:16.986 and what we recommend, and it costs you nothing to look. 00:02:16.987 --> 00:02:18.586 I think that's important for people 00:02:18.587 --> 00:02:22.543 that have been injured in any way related to an automobile or a motorcycle to know.

Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC

Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC

At Younker Hyde Macfarlane, PLLC, our attorneys have decades of combined experience in complex cases. We represent clients in all types of personal injury cases, with a special focus on medical malpractice claims. Our firm is associated with the following professional organizations:

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