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A timely cancer diagnosis can make all the difference, so cases of misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose can be devastating. If a medical professional misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose cancer in you or a loved one, working with an attorney will give you the best chance at justice and the compensation you need to move forward. At Younker Hyde Macfarlane in Salt Lake City, our medical malpractice attorneys work with experts, and we aren't afraid to go up against big insurance companies to represent your best interests.

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WEBVTT 00:00:06.686 --> 00:00:09.700 Another situation we deal with fairly frequently 00:00:09.701 --> 00:00:12.057 is missed cancer diagnosis, 00:00:12.058 --> 00:00:18.000 whether it's breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer. 00:00:18.614 --> 00:00:21.271 Oftentimes, you'll go to the doctor with a concern, 00:00:21.272 --> 00:00:24.400 and it gets brushed off, and it doesn't seem like a big deal. 00:00:24.729 --> 00:00:28.113 Unfortunately, if cancer isn't caught timely, it spreads, 00:00:28.114 --> 00:00:31.514 and it becomes metastatic, and it can be devastating. 00:00:31.515 --> 00:00:35.900 The treatment would go from a simple surgical resection to surgical resection, 00:00:36.181 --> 00:00:39.734 extensive chemotherapy, extensive radiation therapy, 00:00:40.000 --> 00:00:42.243 and oftentimes becomes terminal. 00:00:42.443 --> 00:00:44.628 That's another situation where we can go in, 00:00:44.629 --> 00:00:47.757 and we look at the visit where it should have been caught, 00:00:47.758 --> 00:00:51.129 and we'll build a team of experts to show what should have happened, 00:00:51.130 --> 00:00:53.770 or let's say we look at the radiology, the mammogram, 00:00:53.771 --> 00:00:56.486 to say, "Here's where it was at that time, and here's what should have happened 00:00:56.487 --> 00:00:57.686 in response to that." 00:00:57.687 --> 00:01:00.957 Another area that we deal with is simply that radiology. 00:01:00.958 --> 00:01:04.928 When you go in, say, you have a severe headache, 00:01:04.929 --> 00:01:07.286 maybe it's a migraine, maybe it's a stroke, 00:01:07.287 --> 00:01:10.571 maybe it's an aneurysm, maybe it's cancer, who knows? 00:01:10.929 --> 00:01:14.529 Oftentimes you'll get imaging, a CT scan or an MRI, 00:01:14.729 --> 00:01:19.699 and making sure that those interpretations are accurate is a big deal. 00:01:19.700 --> 00:01:24.843 I've worked a lot of radiology cases, I've worked with a lot of radiologists. 00:01:25.829 --> 00:01:29.899 At this point, I can work myself through a CT scan fairly well. 00:01:29.900 --> 00:01:32.086 Obviously, they're going to be able to read the shadows 00:01:32.087 --> 00:01:33.472 and things a lot better than I can, 00:01:33.473 --> 00:01:36.086 but that's something that's been a lot more fun 00:01:36.087 --> 00:01:40.114 is getting in and interpreting CT scans and navigating CT scans. 00:01:40.115 --> 00:01:43.386 Obviously, I'm not an expert in interpreting them, 00:01:43.387 --> 00:01:47.079 but there are some things that have stood out as fairly obvious. 00:01:47.343 --> 00:01:50.971 Some diaphragmatic hernias, some twisting of the bowels. 00:01:50.972 --> 00:01:57.413 Ischemic bowels are fairly significant, where patients go in with sudden onset, 00:01:57.414 --> 00:02:02.514 severe abdominal pain with no explanation, and maybe their labs are slightly off. 00:02:02.515 --> 00:02:03.720 We've had that missed. 00:02:03.721 --> 00:02:05.329 What's actually going on is, 00:02:07.357 --> 00:02:11.499 oftentimes a clot or a twist in the bowels and the bowels aren't getting blood. 00:02:11.500 --> 00:02:14.999 Similar to your brain or anything else, if you put a tourniquet on your finger, 00:02:15.000 --> 00:02:17.479 it's going to go purple, and it's eventually going to die. 00:02:17.480 --> 00:02:19.029 The same thing happens with your bowels. 00:02:19.030 --> 00:02:21.029 If they're not getting blood, they die. 00:02:21.360 --> 00:02:25.100 When your bowels die, that can be devastating, 00:02:25.487 --> 00:02:29.070 oftentimes resulting in ileostomies, colostomies 00:02:29.071 --> 00:02:30.760 that may or may not be reversed. 00:02:30.761 --> 00:02:34.942 I have a patient where bowel ischemia was missed, 00:02:34.943 --> 00:02:38.143 and they took out pretty much all of their intestines. 00:02:38.144 --> 00:02:39.699 That individual, unfortunately, 00:02:39.700 --> 00:02:41.457 has what's called a short gut syndrome now, 00:02:41.458 --> 00:02:43.586 where they just can't process food, 00:02:43.587 --> 00:02:49.286 and they have to live off of IV and TPN, food therapy for nutrition, 00:02:49.714 --> 00:02:52.771 because they don't have the bowels to process them anymore.

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