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Medical professionals are trained to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack, but even experts are fallible, and many heart attacks are misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. The consequences can be severe, even fatal. If you or a loved one suffered a heart attack that was missed by a medical professional, contact our medical malpractice attorneys in Salt Lake City for help securing the damages you need to recover and move forward.

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WEBVTT 00:00:05.443 --> 00:00:06.829 Most people know, 00:00:07.214 --> 00:00:10.585 hey, if you are having chest pain, you should definitely go to the doctor 00:00:10.586 --> 00:00:12.456 because it could be something serious to do with your heart. 00:00:12.457 --> 00:00:13.843 And they think heart attack. 00:00:14.229 --> 00:00:16.200 And there are times that those get missed. 00:00:16.201 --> 00:00:21.056 Patient goes in with chest pain, and it can accompany a number of symptoms, 00:00:21.057 --> 00:00:23.014 and people can describe it differently. 00:00:23.200 --> 00:00:25.699 The physicians are supposed to be trained to recognize that, 00:00:25.700 --> 00:00:27.056 and in this day and age, 00:00:27.057 --> 00:00:29.914 with heart disease being the number one killer of people, 00:00:30.057 --> 00:00:32.585 it's pretty easy for them to want to get an EKG 00:00:32.586 --> 00:00:34.885 and see if you're having a heart attack right then. 00:00:34.886 --> 00:00:36.729 So it still sadly happens that… 00:00:36.730 --> 00:00:42.099 Heart attacks are fairly easy to rule out with an EKG, and fine, 00:00:42.100 --> 00:00:43.370 but they still get missed. 00:00:43.371 --> 00:00:47.257 But the thing that gets missed the most often in heart disease cases 00:00:47.429 --> 00:00:51.914 are people who are going to have a heart attack and die. 00:00:52.129 --> 00:00:55.529 There are sometimes warning signs before that occurs, 00:00:55.786 --> 00:00:59.470 and that is things like chest pain with exercise, 00:00:59.471 --> 00:01:01.485 only when you're maybe going up some stairs, 00:01:01.486 --> 00:01:04.100 or when you're riding your bike or going on a run. 00:01:04.857 --> 00:01:07.600 And they have that, and they think, "Oh, that's weird." 00:01:07.729 --> 00:01:10.914 Or some random episodes, doesn't even have to be with exercise. 00:01:11.243 --> 00:01:15.228 You're just having these chest pains, and you're not sure what it is, 00:01:15.229 --> 00:01:18.729 but they get worried because they know chest pain is a big deal, 00:01:19.286 --> 00:01:22.556 but they're not sure if it's an emergency, so they'll go to their family doctor 00:01:22.557 --> 00:01:25.786 or they'll go to an Instacare, which is a family doctor anyways. 00:01:26.114 --> 00:01:28.385 They don't want to go to the ER because people have it in their head 00:01:28.386 --> 00:01:30.242 that the ER is only for really serious things, 00:01:30.243 --> 00:01:31.370 and if you're not quite sure, 00:01:31.371 --> 00:01:34.171 you go to someone else to see if you should go to the ER. 00:01:34.971 --> 00:01:37.857 We're seeing a trend where patients are going in, 00:01:38.057 --> 00:01:40.229 and they're complaining of chest pain. 00:01:40.843 --> 00:01:42.742 And even the patient themselves 00:01:42.743 --> 00:01:46.000 might think that it's acid reflux or heartburn, 00:01:46.457 --> 00:01:48.142 and they might even describe it like, "Oh, you know." 00:01:48.143 --> 00:01:51.914 It feels like heartburn, or "It's just like a burning in my chest" 00:01:52.257 --> 00:01:56.056 instead of calling it the classic chest pressure or tightness. 00:01:56.057 --> 00:01:59.356 Instead of referring them for that workup, they say, "Let's watch it." 00:01:59.357 --> 00:02:02.642 And "Let me give you some omeprazole 00:02:02.643 --> 00:02:06.571 or some heartburn, some Tums and see if that feels get it better." 00:02:06.900 --> 00:02:11.300 And then the next thing you know the person dies from a heart attack. 00:02:11.314 --> 00:02:15.128 We see a lot of cases where it's chest pain and not a full workup, 00:02:15.129 --> 00:02:19.329 and then somebody either passes away or has a major cardiac event, 00:02:19.386 --> 00:02:23.800 needs a heart transplant, and has irreparable damage to their heart. 00:02:24.471 --> 00:02:27.599 As patients, we go into doctors relying on them 00:02:27.600 --> 00:02:30.042 to tell us what the possibilities are 00:02:30.043 --> 00:02:35.886 and guide us, and protect us from those most scary of conditions. 00:02:36.157 --> 00:02:39.513 Heart disease isn't just for people who are inactive or smoke, 00:02:39.514 --> 00:02:43.456 it's young people or people who exercise also can have it. 00:02:43.457 --> 00:02:44.900 It's a genetic thing as well. 00:02:44.929 --> 00:02:51.699 Because medicine and the improving medical malpractice case, 00:02:51.700 --> 00:02:58.228 both are very intricate areas of the law and medicine itself, is very difficult. 00:02:58.229 --> 00:03:03.243 You need an attorney who both understands the law around medical malpractice 00:03:03.429 --> 00:03:04.742 and who has access to, 00:03:04.743 --> 00:03:07.714 or is also very familiar with the medicine. 00:03:07.914 --> 00:03:09.456 There are two different hurdles. 00:03:09.457 --> 00:03:11.485 After a certain time frame, you don't have the option 00:03:11.486 --> 00:03:13.557 of bringing a case, so you shouldn't wait. 00:03:13.871 --> 00:03:15.885 You should get it evaluated early and decide. 00:03:15.886 --> 00:03:20.028 Just like in medicine, you've got a spot, a mole on your hand, 00:03:20.029 --> 00:03:22.629 it's probably nothing, but if you wait and do nothing, 00:03:22.630 --> 00:03:23.914 it can be really bad, 00:03:24.186 --> 00:03:26.266 and you just go to the expert, ask them, 00:03:26.571 --> 00:03:29.170 and if they tell you it's nothing, great, you leave relieved. 00:03:29.171 --> 00:03:31.771 If it is something, then you do something about it. 00:03:31.986 --> 00:03:33.429 Same thing happens with us. 00:03:33.600 --> 00:03:36.843 We look at a case, and we'll help you make that decision. 00:03:36.971 --> 00:03:38.485 We have the expertise experience 00:03:38.486 --> 00:03:41.814 to help you quickly identify whether there's a case or not.

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